First cyscoptotomy

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Helo again folks, ina bit of a quandary. had my 6 initial BCG and just today had the rigid cyscoptotomy under GA. No catheter in when I came round, urine clear as the proverbial and was under for less than an hour.Happy days thought I. However the discharge letter states a biopsy was taken with results due in 3 weeks. Feel like it's not the result I was hoping for or is this a routine step or could it be the irritation from the treatment or original scarring site they are checking. I know we don't know and don't face anything until you know what your facing but. Wondering how I should frame this until I get the next appointment. I was non invasive high grade.20 weeks since anyone last had a look in there.  2nd Turbt was clear and just feel like this wasn't. Mmm mmm Thanks all. 

  • Hi Andy,

    Biopsies are sent off for analysis, I had my forth biopsy on 14th June and get my results this Friday. I've been knocked out for all four.

    Try not to worry (easier said than done) as they don't have the full results at the point of taking the samples.

    Best of luck 


  • Thanks Trevor obviously lets hope for good results all round. Did you know you were going to have a biopsy when you went in? Mine was the first rigid so assuming they have seen something they are not sure about could be a number of things so waiting game 

  • Hi  BCG can leave the bladder very inflamed with red patches. These patches can look the same as early recurrences on visual inspection, so they take biopsies just to be on the safe side. We see it often here and it usually turns out ok. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thanks honestly that's what I thought but you just need to hear it from someone else sometimes I've had a Shangri-la period after the BCGs so the return to reality is inevitable but hard landing. Feel I can get my positive head on about this till I know more. thanks ever so to everyone on here and be lucky!

  • Hi Andy,

    Many thanks, fingers crossed for us both.

    I understood that a biopsy was going to be taken each time, so must have been a shock  for you if you weren't told.

    I think it's pretty standard when you go under GA and is all part of the monitoring process, to see if the BCG is working etc.

    Take care.


  • Just to echo what rily said as I had some red spots in my Match biopsy. Turned out to be BCG related. 

    They would have taken some biopsies anyway and they came back clear.

    Please keep us posted.

  • Hi Andy, i had red patch following bcg. Click on my profile and i have recorded all of it for reference. Its a worrying time I know. Hope all goes well for you 

    Much love Angela x

  • Really nice profile, very well laid out and lot's of info to read back on as it's easy to forgot previous procedures etc .

    Mine needs work lol... Or as my old teacher would say "I must try harder"...

  • Yes brilliant profile

  • Aw thanks BFG

    Much love Angela x