CSN returned my Phone Call

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Afternoon All 

So first thing this morning Phone Call from my CSN confirming everything in Fridays letter and Saying yes surveillance will be sufficient at this moment in time I presume that’s due to the benign nature of the samples taken last month so next appointment September a flexi with local anaesthetic that will be a nice change I will still look in on you all and try get some things done with the family in these next 3 months until the flexi as it could be back to square one again you just never know with this do you they don’t call it a nuisance cancer for nothing 


  • Hi Ste,Enjoy your little break from procedures.I was on cancer surveillance for 14 years so got used to the times between check ups.Just make sure you chase up appointments if you don’t hear from the hospital when expected.I had to remind the urology team I was due a cystoscopy and they had forgotten.Love Jane 

  • Hi Jane the first one is booked already I’m told but I will chase if not heard nearer the time for sure keeping a level head on it Jane keep myself in check best I can as I fully understand it could return anytime even years down the line and I’ll always be aware of that 


  • I’m sure they will keep on top of your appointments as you have a CNS.I didn’t have one back then.I hope you can relax a bit until the next check up.Jane 

  • Yea I’m sure they will Julie takes no prisoners straight to the point she is Reminds me of my aunt my Dads sister who I’m very close to going visiting her in Lytham at weekend she didn’t take the news to well in February when I told her she’s only 10 years older than me 

  • Enjoy the break Ste and the mancunian sunshine. You are spot on that this is a nuisance cancer. Take care

    Much love Angela x

  • I will when I get home stuck in a red hot engineering workshop at the moment finish at 4 though Angela