Incontinence after TURBT

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Hello all. 

I'm asking this on behalf of my dad so i hope this is the right group to ask in. I recieved a lot of help through the prostate cancer forum a few years ago and luckily my dad's prostate cancer is under control now. However, last Thursday 20th June he had a TURBT to remove a "small mass" in his bladder. 

He has suffered terrible incontinence since then and he wasn't given a catheter after the surgery. Should he have been? He's also worried that the incontinence is still very bad 4/5 days later. He is having to wear adult "nappies" as we call them! 

Would just like to hear other people's experience with having a TURBT and whether this degree of incontinence is normal. My dad says he doesn't get the gradual urge to wee, it comes on very suddenly and he cannot hold it at all. I feel like he should have been given a catheter...



  • Hi Sophie,Sorry your dad is having these problems.They do usually put in a catheter afterwards.I expect the others will be along with their advice..It may be due to irritation from the procedure but it’s worth getting his urine checked for infection.This Is not uncommon after cystoscopy and TURBT.Your dad needs to keep up his fluids as not drinking enough will cause more irritation.Lemon barley water is good or cranberry but the latter is quite acidic and may not suit.I hope he feels better soon.Best wishes Jane 

  • Hi Sophie 

    The Drinks Jane has mentioned are good I drank both after TURBT and Catheter not to much of the cranberry juice as Jane mentioned can be quite acidic half a glass with breakfast  usually I had I also Drank Red Bush Tea which has anti inflammation properties in it and is naturally Caffeine free so won’t cause the diuretic effects of normal Tea