How quick did you move to a bladder oncology specialist

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Hi, I had what was suspected as an enlarged prostate.  Ultra sound subsequently identified a 7cm mass in the bladder.  CT scan has since confirmed it hasn’t spread and I have my biopsy booked for for Wednesday but with the urologist who I originally selected for prostate (lucky to have healthcare through work.  This consultant has said wait until after biopsy before engaging another specialist.  Would just appreciate views.  Been able to move quick.  Will be less than 4 weeks from initial ultra sound to biopsy this coming week.  Thanks in advance 

  • Hi  and welcome to the group. After your procedure (usually a TURBT) you should be given a stage and grade which dictates the next step. In most cases there will be a follow up TURBT to mop up and get a more accurate diagnosis. Following my second TURBT, I was referred to an oncologist. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi JMo51Male,Welcome to the group.I was already a urology patient when cancer was diagnosed in July 2019.I was referred straight to Bristol as my local hospital did not do cystectomies.I met the lead oncology surgeon in August and had the operation a month later.Post op care was transferred back to my local hospital.Best wishes Jane 

  • Luckily my consultants in the NHS are also experienced specialists in urological cancer. Ultrasound one week after seeing GP, CT scan a few days later.  I had a TURBT just an over two weeks from cystoscopy. MDT met one month later, second TURBT 2 weeks after that. Stage confirmed 11 days after that. Very good NHS treatment. Leo

  • Hi JMo 

    Sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. We discovered a tumour in my bladder at the end of April. I had the tumour removed (that’s the TURBT Op) mid May & biopsies taken. From your post it sounds like you’re just having biopsies taken.

    I had the histology results back within 2/52, then your local NHS hospital will have an MDT meeting to discuss treatment options & after that I had a bladder oncology consultation to discuss said treatment options. The MDT meeting will take place at whichever NHS trust your private consultant works at when they carry out their NHS work. (I went down both an NHS & private tract simultaneously - NHS was quicker for CT scan, private quicker for cystoscopy & TURBT Op). My timescale was 4 weeks from TURBT & biopsies until bladder oncology consultant appointment, although I did have a telephone call to let me know the histology results (this gave me time to do some research on treatment options) once my private consultant had received them.

    Best wishes 


  • Hi, 

    Thing's certainly can move quickly for cancer cases. 

    Mentioned blood in wee, saw my doctor the same day, was then referred to the urology department for a flexible cystcopy, ultrasound couple of weeks later. Which was 7th December 2022. Then had MRI and CT scan before my first TURBT on 21st December 2022.

    So within the Month, I saw my doctor, had flexible cystcopy, MRI, CT Scan and first TURBT.

    Thinking back it was a blur, hardly had time to process, but I'm not grumbling.

    Hope your TURBT goes well.


  • All depends on the set up available in your hosp. Under NHS I snuck in via gynae, where ultrasound picked up a bladder issue & gynae got a flexi cystoscopy for me there & then. Booked for TURBT with random uro surgeon. Only after results back that I was allocated to a bladder oncology consultant who I saw for appt to discuss next steps. ( Had mine been low grade, I'm guessing might have been a different consultant. )

    The team has since grown & they share the work, so I have seen 4 different consultants for appts since, also some registrars and some follow up just with CNS, but all under supervision of a consultant. 

    I expect your current urologist will be able to recommend a colleague to take you on for BC. Best wishes.

  • I think I am lucky I have 14 urology consultants in my local hospital - must be a lot of BC around my area