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Afternoon Everyone 

Hope your enjoying the weather so not long in from work Letter comes through the post regarding my last TURBT biopsies show benign great stuff happy with that 

however it seems I’m going straight onto surveillance now after being diagnosed TaG2 high Grade though I’m not grumbling I do feel my age might of gone against me a bit here and they are keeping the installation treatments as a back up incase of recurance I’d love to hear your thoughts on it I’ll be discussing it with my CSN anyway tried today she is unavailable left her a message to call me back 


  • Hi Ste. Benign is really good news. We don't usually see age being taken in to consideration regarding treatments. It is usually based on individual circumstances. I hope your CNS gets back to clarify things for you. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • G2 is one of those debatable grades about needing active treatment or not. I very much doubt that age is a factor, it's more the MDT recommendation based on knowledge & experience. BCG is not a walk in the park, so needs careful consideration before undertaking it. With Ta being superficial, simple surveillance is a reasonable course of action. Just be vigilant & chase them up if appts don't come through when expected. Best wishes.

  • Thank you both for your Replies and they are very welcome yes the benign Result was great and I have read that intermediate Risk group is a tricky one as they don’t want to over treat and understand that completely i knew I wouldn’t be considered for BCG as it’s never been mentioned or removal chemotherapy was mentioned as a possibility but also have read that the initial chemo after TURBT can be considered just as effective which I did receive I suppose it’s good that I’m heading down a slightly different path and can share a different experience with others 


  • You know just to add to my story been back at work 2 weeks although limited days so 4 days a week really and one of my closer colleagues informed me today that another colleague a guy who is really the bad apple in the barrel really had been saying that he wouldn’t be surprised if I’d made it up what a sorry world we live in I lost my father to cancer I’d have to be some sort of lowlife to come out with something like that it’s getting reported to HR on Monday when the lady who is in charge of it returns from holiday who I happen to have a really good relationship with 


  • Dear Ste, really sorry that you are having to experience that awful behaviour at work. You have been through enough already. Try not to let the bad apple cloud out your good news. Enjoy your weekend fellow traveller, weather should be good

    Much love Angela x

    1. Thank you Angela I just want to get on with things till my next flexi in three months time and can really do without out it unfortunately we come across these people in life who are self entitled and think other people are cheating their way through life if I could make it all go away tomorrow I would as you all would I’m quite strong mentally as most of you will of gathered that doesn’t mean I lack empathy for others because it’s breaks my heart to see good people suffer seen it to many times