Lagging behind our neighbours!

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Hello everyone I came across this article on Macmillan's site today following looking at the headlines in the newspapers on BBC website. Here are Macmillan's disturbing headlines. 

Cancer survival rates in the UK are as much as 25 years behind other European countries. Our analysis suggests if the UK’s survival rates matched the best in Europe, thousands more people who are diagnosed each year would survive their cancer for at least five years.  

On top of this, waiting times across the UK were among the worst on record in 2023, leaving patients struggling physically, emotionally, and financially. Factors such as ethnicity and location can significantly impact diagnosis and treatment times, creating unacceptable inequalities in a person’s care. People with cancer are facing serious financial issues, and the cost of living crisis is now having a higher impact on a person’s physical health than it has done since June 2022.  

It’s not just survival rates that need addressing, but the whole system. 

The question I have been pondering all morning is Why? Garviv

  • Hi Garviv, trying to not get political but 14 years of austerity perhaps. Maybe the people that would personally gain the most from the NHS failing are the people making the decisions.

    Saying that the treatment I got on the NHS was second to none. Although I was lucky to have Corporate health insurance and I'm being treated privately now but still believe things would be the same if I was on the NHS. Perhaps the only difference is the ease of parking and getting my own room.

    I won't express my political views as that never ends well on any forum and everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but let's just say I'm hoping on July 4th things might change. Probably won't but it can't be worse right....

    Kindest Regards.


  • I’m also hoping for change.I worked in the NHS and it is wonderful in so many ways but sadly failing in others.Being able to get a dr’s appointment would be a start.To only see a gp at the practice 3 times in 5 years after major surgery I feel is not good enough.Jane x

  • I really don’t know what the problem is with GP’s, I was a receptionist and then worked in dispensary for more than 20 years and I was proud that I worked there, I’m afraid now it’s a totally different situation, many patients say to me “I wish you still worked there” but alas I don’t think it would make any difference now. Jean x

  • Hello Trevor, My treatment with the NHS has been first class and I have no complaints. But how much better would it have been with proper funding, research and staffing. How many patients have died prematurely or suffered because of government inertia. Another headline this morning highlights our children are growing up shorter, fatter, generally unhealthy compared to our European cousins because of poor diets. Change is essential in thinking and outcomes. On a brighter note we have had a beautiful sunny day today. At last! Garviv

  • Yes Jane let’s hope for improvements soon Garviv

  • Garviv, just guessing , but 14 years of austerity cannot of helped.

  • Trevor, I disagree expressing political views is important, but not the “British” thing to do. Our politicians and constant inept Prime Ministers have not been doing their job and getting the basics right. They have failed us.We are paying  the highest taxes ever, so why aren’t public services better? Led by imbeciles.

  • It's really good to hear your treatment has been great.

    I did read something fairly recently about the excess amounts of deaths per year austerity has created. I won't mention the figure as it's very depressing.

    It's going to take an crazy amount of work to correct this.

    Its definitely a lovely bright Day today. The sun does lift the soul.

  • Hi Leo,

    Taxes are at the highest, services are on their knees, but the top 5% have seen their wealth increase substantially since 2010. So we know where the money is going.

    Personally I don't really get into political debates, they rarely change anyone's views. Especially online.

    I live in a Tory safe seat and it will never change no matter what they do. The pub quiz team I sometimes join like to discuss politics after a few beers, especially as they know I don't vote Tory.

    I start by saying nothing you say will change my mind and nothing I say will change yours. They then spout a load of rubbish and I point out they're taking rubbish and we end up shaking hands until the next time.


  • Hi Jane, 

    It's really not good is it.

    Hope you are well.