New person just had TURBT yesterday

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I just had my TURBT yesterday and feeling ok today and just wanted to share some positive vibes with people.

Struggling with catheter I have to have in for 3v days (the night one is a bummer) but otherwise ok. 

I've been told my results will be 3-4 weeks and then the MDT and I won't hear until 5-7weeks. Is this normal? Also very surprised that surgeon came to see me after the op and said although have to wait for results he believes it's a superficial bladder cancer. Why would he say that and get my hopes up? 

  • Hi LaursN,

    Welcome to this group.

    Good to hear you've had your TURBT, but sorry to hear you're having problems with the catheter. Horrible thing's and I only had to have one in for 7 hours after both my TURBTs. Let's hope those three day's fly by for you.

    I'm no expert on timings for results but I don't remember waiting that long, a couple of weeks or so. I guess it depends on a few things.

    It does seem a little strange to predict a diagnosis, but I guess they see 100s of tumors each year and was perhaps speaking from experience.

    My surgeon pops in after each biopsy/operation, mainly to see how I am etc.

    Hopefully you will get your results back soon.

    Keep us posted.


  • Hi  and welcome to the group although sorry you find yourself here. Lots of support here going forward. Although you have to wait for biopsy results, the surgeons are very experienced and have a good idea of what they have done. Catheters are not comfortable but once your pee is clear of blood they should remove it. I t may be a bit stingy peeing when it is removed but should subside over a few days. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thank you for such good info. Much appreciated 

  • Thanks for your info Trevor, really useful. Ta muchly x

  • Hi LauraN

    A very warm welcome to the group. I've found the people on here very friendly,  supportive and knowledgeable.  

    My surgeon also came to see me after both my TURBTs. If the Urology department at your hospital is anything like the one at mine in Staffordshire,  the staff are wonderful and all seem to want to cultivate good relationships with patients. I did not have to wait such a long time for my results and I think generally the waiting time is 4-6 weeks at my hospital. I do hope that your bladder cancer is superficial but I would try not to speculate and just wait for the MDT findings.

    Hope you get your catheter removed soon and continue to feel well.

    Sending you hugs and positive vibes.

    Love Ade xx

  • Hi Ade,

    Many thanks for your kind words and positive vibes. Cheers x

  • Hi LauraN,Welcome to the group.I hope you will find it helpful and supportive.Love Jane x

  • They always say about 2/3 weeks before results. Il be honest, they will be in touch, well before. if it's not good news xxx


  • Hi LauraN,How are you feeling ? I hope you are rid of the catheter..Love Jane x

    • Hi Jane, feeling much better ta...was a massive uplift when the catheter removed, felt like I was one step nearer to being normal again! How are you doing?