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Morning Everyone

Quick one for you  as I said yesterday bit of a eventful day yesterday was only under about 30 mins roughly but have suffered with insomnia and a bit of brain fog today was talking in my sleep when I did shut my eyes by the time I was put under I was getting dehydrated as I hadn’t drank or eaten all day with waiting to go down to theatre any tips would be welcome or is just a waiting game not 24 hours out from anaesthetic yet either 


  •  . Hi Ste. The anaesthetic can take a day or so to clear from your body and can have various side effects. Combined with the dehydration it is understandable you are feeling a bit wobbly. Hopefully, you will pick up over the next day or so. Keep up with the fluids. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Morning Rily got a fridge full of bottled water trying to brave it out without medication paracetamol ect not really a tablet taker at the best of times personally uretha painful but tolerable at the min 


  • Surgery day is stressful mentally and physically, it takes a while to get back to some normality, obviously lots of liquids but try to get some food down you as well, that always makes me feel a bit more human again. A long wait in hot pre surgery lounge can be horrific, especially if you have someone sitting opposite drinking away merily Rage

    i couldn't do without my paracetamol after turbt or indeed flexi cysto check-ups nor visits to the weedkiller queen (bcg nurse).

    Post surgery I seem adrenaline fuelled and struggle to relax for several days... had a night in a noisy surgical ward on monday night, think i managed 30 mins sleep.

    Good luck and hope you get back to normality soon

  • Cheers Andy 

    I was fine off my first one but I did arrive home a bit later and yea I understand the adrenaline fuelled comment all to well I was suppose to be having a ureterscopy at the same time as the TURBT as they had discussed at MDT that there was some pooling in my left Kidney which can indicate blockage been worried sick about that as I lost my Father to Renal carcinoma of the cortex but just as ii was being put under my consultant stuck his head in and said Steve we are not doing the ureterscooy now there is no need to your second Scan was normal I was filled with relief and had nowhere to channel it as I was moments away from being put to sleep and then in recovery I remembered what was said and my mood just heightened and only just started to come back down 


  • How are you feeling today ? I hope you are picking up.Jane x

  • Hi Jane had a solid 9 hours sleep last night and feel good today got both my Sons home for the weekend from university a rare event these days that they are home together so gunna get a shave and shower and spend some time with them they are 19 and 22 and are at that age where they are good fun and with me being 45 I can just about get away with joining in with them without to much grief off the wife 

  • Have a good day.Jane x