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Morning everyone, I had the second of three BCG Maintenance installations yesterday. In and out in fifteen minutes! A little discomfort and too many visits to the toilet. I drank copious amounts of Barley water to settle the bladder. All OK this morning after a relatively peaceful night.

This time yesterday I was playing golf in beautiful weather before going for my treatment. Today, dark cloud and heavy rain.


  • ... and woke to Derbyshire Times Met office amber flood warnings, risk to life, do not wade etc etc., mention of "heavy and persistent rain Weds afternoon," well it's been doing that since early!

  • Take care out there Denby. Garviv

  • Hi Garviv, really chuffed for you that BCG seems to be going well. It gives me hope. I start the 1st of 3 maintenance next week , keeping fingers crossed that I will be lucky with the side effects. Hope you can get some more golf in at the weekend, the weather is meant to be improving

    Much love Angela x

  • Hi Garviv,I’m glad the second instillation has gone well.Heavy rain here last night and grey today.Fingers crossed you are back on the course soon.Love Jane x

  • Thanks Angela, as soon as I was able to drink again two hours after the installation I had a large glass of Robinson’s Barley water followed by several more in between visits to the toilet. Some of the other people  on this forum have recommended Barley water. I drink a glass every morning and afternoon. Good luck with your treatment next week. Be positive. 
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  • Thanks Jane, I think everyone in the UK is in for heavy rain. Take care. Garviv 

  • Good luck for next week Angela, my fingers are crossed for you too. That seems to have come round so quick. 

  • Great news, handling it well Garviv, only one more to go!! 

  • Thanks BB , honestly time seems to be going so fast. Have I remembered right, have you got a cystoscopy / check up in june ?

    Take care my lovely

    Much love Angela x

  • Thanks Bumblebee. Thursday morning back to normal. Upwards and onwards. Golf and Curry night tomorrow. Regards Garviv