6 weeks post TURBT, blood, discomfort etc.

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Good morning all, been a while!! Just wondering……

I had a TURBT approximately 6 weeks ago, bleeding on and off for the first week or so then all seemed to clear up. At the 3.5 week point passed scabs and a bit more blood (all good). During all this time I have noticed discomfort when coming to the end of a wee, is that a normal thing? 6 weeks and 3 days I have also started to pee tiny blood bits, still have the discomfort and might have a water infection! I guess my main question is; is it the “norm” at 6 weeks to still bleed intermittently and have that discomfort when finishing a wee cycle?

What a topic first thing on a Sunday!

Cheers all!

  • Morning  . In general it takes six weeks for the wound to fully heal. Have you been doing anything strenuous to aggravate the wound at all? Do you have a CNS you can check in with and always worth checking for infection.? Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Rily, not done anything too strenuous I don’t think? CNS told me to pop to GP and get urine sample checked which I did. Doc said there was blood in it so am on antibiotics. Was curious to see if anyone else had the bleeding or pulling sensations at this stage? Trouble is currently don’t know if it’s the TURBT causing bleeding symptoms or possible UTI!?

  • Post TURBT I had the same issues for 6-8 weeks I figured the pain at the end is when you flex the bladder muscle to empty like in the good old days. Plus quite a bit of medical kit has passed through a small hole in the wrong direction so will take some recovering from. Hopefully it will settle down for you soon but good work getting UTI checked

  • Cheers Andy, it’s nice to know it’s not just me!  Isn’t it funny how the little things that we take/took for granted are actually quite important! Role on a normal pee day!