Isn’t increased frequency a symptom of BC


i am back again, seeking some opinions from you lovely people.

Me: diagnosed last June with pTa G1 post TURBT and mitomycin dose.  Clear at 3mth flexi.  Now and over recent weeks ( I posted previously about this too, sorry!), i have increasing need to urinate ever more frequently and often with barely a spit of pee to pass.  I have checked twice with my uro-oncology nurse who doesnt think this is ‘sinister’ nor a symptom of a return of my bc.  I have my 1 year flexi on 27 June so I will know soon enough butI am confused as frequency is often listed as one of the symptoms of bc although admittedly I didnt experience this prior to initial diagnosis but I have visions of some huge ‘sea coral’ like growth in my bladder, impeding the drainage of pee hence needing to keep going every 10 mins.  

i do take a pain killer for a gallbladder issue which can apparently cause urinary symptoms but as I started on this 9 mths ago, I dont think tnat can explain a relatively sudden onset of this symptom.   i also got told last week after a routine full blood count my WBC is low at 3.5 (having checked back it seems to have been on a downwards trajectory since spring 21 so - all in all, the little ogre inside my head is jabbering away about a reoccurrence.  I

I am just venting here but if anyone has any thoughts, I ‘d very much appreciate it.

Hope everyone is coping.  Kindest thoughts, Bluebear.

  • Hi . I think many of us start to worry when things don't feel right. Frequent urination is a symptom, but can be caused by many other things such as inflammation or infection. Might be worth dropping a sample of at your GPs to check. Other things such as too much coffee or not drinking enough can cause this. Sometimes people stop drinking, thinking this will stop the urination. This actually has the opposite effect. Not drinking enough cause the urine to be concentrated and irritate the bladder. You should be drinking 2-3 litres of water a day. This may not halt the frequency immediately, but it keeps things flushed out and clean. It also helps to have more long satisfying pees, rather than the annoying dribbles. i hope all goes well with your check up. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Bluebear,I presume you have been tested for a urine infection ? I would definitely mention the frequency when you have the cystoscopy.I suffered from more frequency shortly before diagnosis but had picked up a persistent urinary infection from cystoscopy.Best wishes for your cystoscopy.Jane

  • Thanks rily!  I am going to drop off a sample at my GPs tomorrow and you are so right; my nurse said exactly the same about drinking enough.  I still feel something is amiss though as never experienced this before but I guess I will know soon enough.  Best wishes, Blue.

  • Hi Jane, thank you.  I am going to get a test tomorrow.  Hopefully get to the bottom of it!  Best, Blue,

  • It would be great if it’s easily sorted.Let us know how you get on.Best wishes Jane x

    1. Hello.   I got the all clear at my flexi today. Yay.   They actually said they could discharge me but seeing the panic on my face also offered another one year check which I gratefully accepted.  I have been very lucky so far but understand there is slightly increased cumulative risk as time goes by so better safe than sorry.  Best wishes, Blue
  • I’m pleased for you,what a relief.It is good that you can get a check up too.Love and best wishes Jane x

  • Hi Blue. Great news and I know what a relief an all clear is. We always tend to think the worst when things don't seem right. Good to know they will be keeping a check on you. Best wishes going forward.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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