Mitromycin Treatment

I was scheduled to start Mitromycin treatment a couple of weeks ago. I duly turned up with an empty bladder as advised by my Macmillan nurse. She placed the catheter in and was  expecting to find some urine there. Nothing!! She tried again but all we got was blood. Sorry she said but we can't do it. Please come back next week but don't empty your bladder this time. So I duly went to the next session having plenty of urine in my bladder ready for the treatment. Catheter inserted, nothing was forthcoming. We can't do it I was told. We will have to get back to the Consultant and see what he says, don't come again until we get back to you with further information. I then went to the toilet and urinated like a carthorse!! So it was in there, why couldn't they get it to go down the catheter? Perhaps I should have done the treatment standing up and rely on gravity!

Has anyone else had this happen to them? and what can I expect to happen now?

  • Hi Bikerbob. sounds a bit odd. Can't recall coming across anything similar on here. Hopefully someone will have an answer for you and you can get your treatment under way. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • I have now had a new appointment to see the consultant at the end of June. Let's hope we can sort this out. 

  • Hi Bob, it has to be said that the nurses' deftness at inserting a catheter varied wildly in my husband's experience. Some made him bleed, some just slid it in as if he didn't have any strictures [narrowing of the urethra] which he did have. Some will ask you to cough at the right moment which can assist. Don't know if that's any help?!


  • Thanks for that. They had no problem getting the Catheter in. In fact, it went in very easily right into the bladder even though I have a Prostate which allegedly is 4 times bigger than it should be. A smaller tube was also tried but to no avail. We tried the cough but it made no difference. Anyway we shall just have to see what the Consultant has to say next month. Onwards and Upwards.....

  • Update. I received today a letter that was sent to my GP and I am copied into from my Uro-oncology Nurse. She explains the problem with the Mitomycin treatment. She has told him I have an appointment with the Consultant and she has suggested I have a flexible cystoscopy (I am really looking forward to that again.....NOT!!) and discuss a possible HOLEP procedure. Anyone have any views on this and what it entails?

  • Hi Bikerbob. Not familiar with HOLEP but reading up on it, it appears to be more of a prostate treatment rather than bladder.  A search in the prostate group shows it up a few times, so it may be worth posting in the prostate group where some of the guys seem to have had the procedure. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Thanks for that Rily. i googled HOLEP, and as you say it does seem to be more Prostate than Bladder. Perhaps the idea is to clear the Prostate out of the way in order to get a catheter into the Bladder. I was told by the consultant that my Prostate is four times bigger than it should be. There are signs of Cancer in my prostate too, but not enough to worry about yet, just keep a watching brief for the time being. Maybe this will now mean that they will treat it now as opposed to at a later date.