Bladder cancer

On Thursday 12th of May I was back in hospital having a second tumor removed for 2nd in four months  Speaking to the surgeon who was doing the operation. He informed me that they were going to up the ante this and I would be going back into hospital. But he did elaborate on the statement. But he did say the BCG treatment hadn't worked and it had allowed the second tumor to grow. But I am going to fight this horrible disease. 

  • Indeed, it is still treatable, but may need a different approach. Make sure you have all the information about possible options before making a decision. If you need to know more, from someone who has been in the same position, there's usually someone here who has taken the route you want to know about. Best wishes.

  • Great to hear your 'going to fight'. More power to you SteveE.

    Good luck....Del.

  • The important thing is, you still have options and your cancer is treatable.

    It doesn't matter where you go, there you are
  • Hi Steve E, my husband had another tumour which had already grown by the 6-weeks-after-the-6th-bcg check. He went on to Mitomycin and apart from a couple of red patch scares has been clear now for about 4 years.


  • I  have found since the last operation i have good days and i have down days. I seem a bit on edge as i still dont know what is going to done next. Also ive been thinking. And my grandad had bladder cancer, my sister recently had her bladder removed due to bladder cancer and my Brother so far has had 3 operations due to bladder. So ive come to the conclusion that bladder can passed on in genes that decide how you will grow.

    Since being told i have bladder cancer i find myself pray and talking to God and my Mum who has passed away to help me deal with this disease and recently i have taken great comfort from this . Cancer affects people in different ways and people fight it in different ways. We will beat this disease and we will discover our own ways to fight it. Even chatting to people on this website helps and to know your not alone and people you dont know ,gives you great comfort and courage to deal with this horrible disease.  Thank you all for your support and time it helps immensely. 

  • Hi . The early days of uncertainty and not knowing can be the worst. It is nice to know your faith is helping you through this. This forum really helps. In my early days, I poured my heart out on here with things I would not say to family, and got great support from others who understood. The family links to bladder cancer has come up here before. Doctors tend to say there is no link, but we have had people here who believe it can run in families. I hope all goes well with your treatment. Best wishes.

    Best wishes to All,   rily.

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  • Hi Steve E,I hope you get some comfort and support from this group.We are all here to help if we can.The early days are hard but hopefully you will feel better once you know the next treatment step.Best wishes Jane 

  • Hello Steve

    I am in the same position as you. 10 BCG treatments and it came back. They are now recommending ladder removal.

    I have an appointment on the 27th with a Consultant in Leicester and intend to ask loads of questions. Will keep you informed

    Best of luck


  • My best wishes to both Steve E and Jenny in your journeys through the possible treatment paths. With the many members on here, any question is likely to get an answer, based on their various experiences.