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Hi I just have a couple of questions 

I was diagnosed with ibs with consternation a couple of years ago...the last five months I have had a change in my bowel movements. When I goto the toilet I struggle to pass my stools are very thin like toothpaste. I have ...I went to  the Dr they done fit test ad calprotectin ...both came back negative....I got a internal examination  ...the Dr said she could feel a firm  mass high up in rectum...she has sent me for a colonoscopy. I'm awaiting  this test... I'm so worried about the  mass ....has anyone had a similar  experience  .....can it be cancer with negative  fit and calprotectin  tests .. my colonoscopy is 2nd april

  • Hello Lisam77

    I really wish I could give you some reassurance but until the professionals do all the necessary exams and possibly biopsy the mass there is really no way of knowing exactly what this is.  I completely understand your worry and wish I could help but I would be guessing.  You are in the awful situation of having to wait to find out and my heart goes out to you.

    I hope the next two weeks pass very quickly and that you don't have to wait long for the results.

    I am so sorry that all I can do is commiserate, I really am thinking of you and hoping for the best outcome.

    Irene xx

  • Thank you ...the waiting and wondering drives you crazy no matter how you try and keep busy xx

  • Hello Lisa77 I am keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you that it is a good outcome from your colonoscopy on the 2nd April. The turmoil you are going through right now is totally frightening and we all have been there and can empathise how you are feeling. Try and do as much as you can to distract yourself and PLEASE stay off GOOGLE and stick with this site or the Cancer Research Institute for information otherwise it will worry you even more with outdated information 


  • I have been on Google. Lol ....but it just  confuses me even more ...I'm keeping myself busy with work and things.. Reading a lot of posts on here ...the waiting  just gets to you ...thank you x

  • Hi, I get it completely, I was rushed through as an urgent referral.  You will worry and it will take over your mind and focus, just be kind to yourself. 

    Try not to Google things as this could make you worse and more anxious.  Sounds like your colonoscopy is scheduled quickly, which is great news and they will be able to provide some feedback and results on the actual day. Prep for the colonoscopy is horrible but it's over and done with before you know it.  

    One day at a time and remember to breathe. 

    Tell people who are close to you where you are with thoughts and share how you feel .... come onto this forum too! Don't bottle things up but be kind to yourself. 

    Fingers crossed for you and sending hugs, from Nikki x