My discussion about treatment is tomorrow.

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Any advice on questions I should ask that maybe others wished they asked but hadn't?

  • Hello Cazz16 welcome to the group. I am trying to think what questions I asked at my first appointment with my oncologist and at that time I was in shock of what was going on. I think what stage you are is a good question to add to your list. I didn’t know about stages then but on the cancer research network it gives you quite informed data on the meaning of stages. My oncologist read through everything that was going to happen plus the potential side effects which were quite scary but on this site it was a relief when people told me they are gradual and you don’t necessarily have all of them. All hospitals do things differently regarding prior to the chemo radiotherapy like I didn’t have to drink water before treatment until I got there and I think some have to and then go for treatment. If when you have had your first appointment with your oncologist you should be allocated a specialist nurse telephone number and any questions you have you can ask her/him. If you have any underlying health concerns you could mention those. I felt completely lost and that’s why I found this group so great for information regarding how to manage the skin and some of the effects of the radiation. The medical side is best to be left with your team.


  • Hello Cazz16

    I am so sorry, by the time I saw this post you will have had your discussion, but welcome to the forum.  I know this is a place you would rather not be, but, if you have to undergo treatment for anal cancer you will find the tips and coping strategies about treatment and beyond invaluable.  Or if you just want to have a moan, that's ok too, most of us have, we all know exactly what it is like.

    Please let us know how you got on.

    Irene xx

  • I'm going this afternoon. I'm not sure that hearing  others horror stories is going to help me. Hearing how things went wrong for someone with stage one isn't  something I will forget as mine is stage 3 at least. Hearing others moan may help them but not sure how it helps me. So I may not get involved with the forum. 

  • Hello Cazz16 I hope your appointment goes well this afternoon and that you get all your questions answered satisfactorily. I will admit some of these experiences expressed on here are not exactly sugar coated but there are many on here that are quite positive. I am suspecting your rather curt reply towards those who have come on here for support is maybe the result of maybe worrying what your meeting will bring. This group is no holds barred where people can feel free to ask for support and moan to their hearts content openly without discrimination. There are members on here that have been stage 3 who have come out the other side and living life. I hope your comments were not intentionally tactless and wish you well during your cancer journey.


  • Hi 

    I was diagnosed with stage 4 anal cancer 2017 it had spread to my liver lymph nodes hip bones and lung had chemo/radio 2017-2019 where it stabilised then reoccurrence in 2020 went on a trial drug and have been i remission since 2021. Keep positive. Wishing you all the luck with your treatment xx

  • Thank you for your encouragement. Thankfully I'm only stage 3. Knowing you're in remission after your journey is encouraging. Keep well xx

  • The moaning is reaching out for reassurance that it’s not just you … whether it be feelings or pain… the tips you get here are tried and tested especially during and post treatment… what actually does work not just what’s meant to… I was diagnosed anal cancer stage 2 in January and gave just been told last week the treatment worked and no further trey needed… obviously scabs for next few years but the advice I had on here definitely made a difficult unknown journey easier x