One small step on road to recovery

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Just wanted to say that today was day 14 since finishing radiotherapy and Chemotherapy. Been in lots of pain this week in my derrière area, today I felt slight less sore even though many bowel movements which does irritate the skin .

I set myself goal today to go to building society 2 miles away , normally would walk but still have difficulty walking so drove , as had not been well enough to get out until now, was so pleased I managed it . Had to go rest this afternoon though was shattered , slept 1.5 hours but see it as a small step in the recovery process. 

I have a mantra “If I can I will, if I can’t I won’t. Serving me well this past 3 months and tomorrow is a new day and see how I feel then.

I hope you all continue to improve with your journeys too.

big hugs 

M xx

  • Morning M, that’s what it takes, just small steps back to normality (to a point). I did loads of walking before my treatment and as soon as I could I would go for small walks early days. I used to be in the Ramblers but felt toileting in the ditches not appropriate and considering I only used to have the odd wee I started wanting to open my bowels all times in the day and didn’t want that! My doctor said she wished they could put the Ramblers on prescription as it is so good for you. It does improve as time goes on with the odd blip but well done!


  • That’s a great achievement  well done, just 2 weeks after finishing treatment you’ve ventured out! It doesn’t matter if you have to rest for the rest of the day, listen to your body & rest when you need to you’ve been through a lot these last few weeks. The key is to set yourself achievable goals, I did the same as Julie & began by doing short walks so when you feel like walking is a little more comfortable getting out in the fresh air will do your mental health the power of good even if that means just a couple of laps around the garden or a slow stroll a hundred yards up the road. You will probably find that you’ll go on to be able to have a couple of days where you can do bits & pieces then a day that you’ll feel completely wiped out, don’t look on this as a step backwards this is a normal path in the recovery process from this treatment. 


  • Love your mantra - it has served me well too. 14 months post treatment and I still have to follow that.  Yesterday I flaked out on the sofa for an hour in the afternoon after several busy days.  Rehab lady told me to think of your energy like a battery - mental, emotional, physical.  All 3 drain your reserves and when you're on empty REST. She also said that many people think that if you push through the pain barrier you get fitter - but unfortunately this doesn't work with cancer recovery.  You're doing great - through the worst!

  • Thank you,  really appreciate your response and encouraging words.

    Today has felt good too, bowel is still causing me issues but one day at a time .My cancer nurse has been phoning Mon,Wed and Fri. They are pleased with my progress and will do a weekly call now so again progress slow steps . Phew didn't think I would ever start to feel better this time last week .

    Enjoy your weekend 

    M x

  • Thank you 

    Much appreciate your words,  that's a very good analogy in relation to battery.  I've taken all the advice offered from my team , trusted them to guide my recovery and feel confident I will get there one step, one day at a time.

    Hope your weekend is relaxing and enjoyable Hugging

    Thanks again 

    M x

  • Thank you Julie

    Yes I do miss our walks , again though as you say it's not easy especially with our bowel issues being so unpredictable during this .

    I took my Macmillan toilet card in my purse yesterday to bank just in case but fortunately I was ok at that moment .

    Hope you are back with the regular ramblers , enjoying what make you feel good.

    Have a relaxing evening too. 

    M x

  • Ohh Minty , that’s amazing , given me some hope ..

    im on day 9 , still pain in bum , lethargic and no appetite .. keep looking at my car and thinking not driven her for 7 weeks !!! 
    I have an appointment next Wednesday with my oncologist ( day 14) and really hope things will be returning to normal as feel useless at the moment … 

    you have done so well , keep in touch 

    Chrissie xx

  • Hi Chrissie,

    thank you I couldn’t believe it when I was not having the intense pain this morning , just very tender but nothing like the past 10 days so hopefully you will feel some improvement soon too. I am sorry you are still suffering and fingers crossed your oncologist will have better plans for you on Wednesday.

    My cancer nurse called today and is pleased to hear things are improving, she said bowel issues should start to improve soon too. Now she will just ring on weds to check up on me. I cannot fault the NHS cancer team they really have looked after me.

    Take care and keep resting and believing it will get better. 
    Big hugs 

    M x

  • This is great to hear  , you will still have the odd day where you feel completely exhausted & may feel like you’ve taken a step backwards but rest when you feel that way & focus on the next day when you’ll feel a bit more energised & can tackle life again & your next goal, you’ll soon find the gaps between the days you feel fatigued grow longer & longer. Can I say your nurse sounds amazing too, to be checking in on you so regularly is so caring. 


  • Hi Chrissie 

    Hope you are feeling some improvement? Just wanted to wish you all the best for your appointment with oncologist tomorrow. 

    I had a bad Sunday , today managed to drive ok to Marks pick ip few bits , on speck I pulled up at my hairdressers see if he had space to trim my hair,  which he kindly did. It felt good to do couple of normal things today , even though bit shattered this evening.  So it's feet up for me now.

    Take care and best wishes 

    M x