Sore bottom years after radiotherapy!

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Hi Everyone,

I'm moaning again about my very sore bum! I saw the consultant on Wednesday, and everything seems to be ok and I'm very grateful for that! I mentioned the soreness and he was very unconcerned, saying I'd had a lot of radiotherapy! I asked the nurse and she recommended Derma C, especially as I'm sitting most of the time, while awaiting for hip replacement! Great, I thought, but now I can't find it anywhere! Not even Amazon! Has anyone on here heard of it?

I know it's a minor thing to be moaning about, but it would be lovely to be able to sit for a couple of hours and relax!

Hope everyone is well and enjoying summer,

Moira x

  • Hello Moira

    Moan all you like, we all do on here!  I am sorry you are having problems with pain, I do think once we are 'clear' that's the oncologist's job done but many of us are living with the after effects.

    I had a look online and couldn't find Derma C either.  But when I googled, I found Derma-E, a vitamin C lotion, I wonder if that is what she meant?  The link is  It is on Amazon and advertised on other places too.

    Hope you have some success!

    Irene xx

  • Hi Moira,

    The whole first year after treatment my husband and I were both saying "Shouldn't it be better by now?"

    And the doctors kept saying, "You're right about where we expected. Lots of radiation. Skin needs more time to heal.  Doing great!" And so forth.

    But they were right. In the moment it seems to be taking forever, but when I can step back and try to take in the big picture, I can see that I'm lumping along as I should, just more slowly than I want.

    A company called Derma E makes a line of vitamin C products. Oh look! Irene found them. I haven't used their C products but I've used others and found them pretty good.

    You know you can come here and moan away whenever you need to.



  • Hi Irene,

    You are so right! My consultant just isn't interested in anything other than the actual surgery, or at least that's how it comes across! Fair enough, he's a fantastic surgeon and I'm forever grateful! I did find some Derma C, it was called some long name, but at £45 a tube, no thank you! I'll give the Derma E a go thanks, Suz recommended it too! I would just love to sit long enough to see a TV show! Thank goodness we can come on here and moan, you're all so understanding and I'm so grateful! Sometimes, in the middle of the night, it gets too much but there's always someone to talk to! 

    Take care,

    Moira x

  • Hi Moira ( ),

    I’m sorry to hear that you’re still suffering with sore skin. I’m now 6 years post treatment & very well healed in all respects but I still get sore sometimes, all manor of things can kick it off! Stress can do it, a change in bowel habits, sometimes there seems to be no reason at all, for me it generally lasts only a couple of days which is irritating so I can sympathise with you if it’s still constant. For me a couple of days lathering on a simple aqueous type cream does the trick & as I’ve mentioned before I still only wash with aquamax or the like as even scent free body washes or feminine products irritate that skin. I was told the skin will never be the same as it was prior to radiotherapy & will always be delicate, prone to irritation & sensitivity which is understandable but to have that all of the time must be miserable. The sitting while you’re waiting for your hip replacement I suspect is aggravating the situation. I haven’t any suggestions for lotions & potions but I really hope you find something that helps soon. 


  • Hi Moira

    we have all done our own fair share of moaning and that’s what we are here for. My oncologist early post treatment I felt was very sympathetic to my woes but I think that this cancer is so rare that they don’t seem to have the same tools to be able to say much. My oncologist would record all my concerns but did wonder if she had anyone else to compare me with enough. I am sorry that you have also got to go through the new hip journey as that is another thing you are going to have to recover from. My local pharmacy was very good at recommending different creams and I feel they are far more knowledgeable about the different drugs and creams you can use and it might be worth a try there.


  • Hi Nicola,

    It's driving me nuts! I have it all of the time and I think you're right, the constant sitting has to be a major factor! The average waiting time for a hip replacement is 22 weeks and it's been 10 months now, so I'm praying every day for a letter! The aqueous cream just doesn't help and I only use Simple products, no soap or perfume! The consultant was just so matter of fact, telling me I'd had a lot of radiotherapy! I know that, and I'm very grateful but a bit of sympathy wouldn't go amiss! Oh well, hopefully when I'm bionic, with 2 new hips, it'll get better!

    Moira x