Surgery for Stenosis

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Hi , 

I just wondered if anyone has had any surgical procedure/ stretching done for vaginal stenosis? 

I used the dilators but unfortunately I've still been affected by this so i am being referred for surgery.

Would be great to hear of anyone's experiences or advice on this ?


  • Hi Lp,

    I myself did not, but I hope someone with personal experience weighs in soon. 

    I have some anal stenosis, but the vaginal stenosis I had after treatment seems to have resolved itself (although the pain in yonder region is still an issue.)


  • Hello Lp7

    I'm sorry but (to my knowledge) I don't remember surgery for vaginal stenosis being discussed on the forum.  However, there are many people on here who read but don't post and I am hoping that someone picks up on your post.

    Best of luck

    Irene xx

  • Hello  

    I have this too front and back. It’s incredibly annoying and frustrating. 

    I have the soft silicone dilators that are much kinder but I’m afraid I’m just hopeless at using them! and they only help when I’m using them but (and sorry if tmi!!!) whilst it might be fine for dilators the friction of actually have intercourse is just completely different and my skin just can’t take it.  

    My poor lovely husband is so patient but having intercourse is just nigh impossible because my skin is so delicate it just tears. 

    I’ve no idea what to do. I’d also love to hear other people’s thoughts and journeys on this. My oncologist said the scarring at the back is just too thick to do the stretching op and it would likely cause more pair (potentially dangerous) and be worse than I have now so stool softeners are really my life saver. But what to do about the accidentally affected front.. which was nothing to don with my cancer in the first place but just unfortunately in the firing line from the radiation - small price to pay some might say but I’m not really ready to shut shop in that part of my life just yet! 

    I wonder if the cervical cancer or vaginal forum might have some info for us  I might pop in and ask for some advice  I’ll come back to you  if I learn anything! 

    As if we haven’t been through enough Cry 

    sending love 

    PPR xx

  • Hi, Pretty Pink Roses and LP7

    Yes I am in this club too. I have the silicone dilators but find it really hard to persevere with them. The skin is very delicate and feels very scarred, so I find quite a lot of bleeding and discomfort.Maybe I didn't start soon enough, but with all the other stuff going on, sticking a bendy pink thing inside was not my top priority. Anyway, I am now unable to have 'proper' sex at all, and we have given up - it was all too frustrating and very unsexy! I just feel lucky to be ok, but I think my husband probably misses it more.

    I have not heard of surgery for vaginal stenosis, although I believe some people have anal procedure to allow them to poo more comfortably, and because if that isn't fixed the only other solution is colostomy.

    I have a sneaking feeling vaginal stenosis is just felt to be part of the condition and we have to find other ways.

    I also got called for a smear and that was very painful, and in the end although I managed to get the speculum in for myself, the nurse just couldn't open it, it was too painful. GP rang my oncologist and it seems it's a waste anyway as results are inaccurate because of radiotherapy. 

    Anyone with ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


  • PPR

    Exactly what happened to me - twice my husband and I tried and I was in a lot of pain (penetration never achieved) and when I examined myself afterwards the skin had split in the perineum.

    I will be all ears if you learn of a solution!

    Irene xx

  • Hi Lp7

    I struggled post treatment & was only able to use the smallest dilator. I now (10 months on) cannot gain entry at all bar a couple of centimetres! The oncologist has referred me to gynaecology so I assume it will be a surgical procedure??  The bizarre thing is that I haven’t been affected anally which I guess I should at least be grateful for! 

    Have they given you much information about what to expect? Do you have a date for yours yet? Be good to hear back how you get on. I don’t really want any more discomfort down there & surgery etc but the current situation isn’t ideal either.

    Hope you get on ok & it heals quickly