Still have soreness

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Hi everyone. 

Hope that you are all well and enjoying the better weather?

My 3 month scans cme back clear but have continued to have soreness around my bottom. In the last week or so my bottom area has been itchy but I have some barrier cream with vitamin e which helps.

Does anyone else still have pain or rather soreness when passing stools? I noticed only this morning that it hurt to pass a particularly solid stool or two.

I always check what is in the toilet after going and no blood which is a great sign and when my clean I press in to the anus hole and there is no pain but I'm still so paranoid that it will come back. 

Take care.

PaddyBud x

  • Hi PaddyBud, yes I was sore for sometime after treatment and it was pretty much an on and off affair but as time went on the spaces between became wider. Nearly three years post treatment and hardly any problems now unless I allow myself to get constipated. Take care


  • Hello Paddybud

    Stool softeners are the way to go - no hard stools.  On the rare occasion when I do pass a hard stool I invariably bleed.  and one Laxido a day helps enormously.

    How are you coping with work?  

    Irene xx

  • Hi  ,

    I agree with   I too had these symptoms for quite some time after my treatment had finished, the skin in the area that’s received the radiotherapy may seem healed but it stays sensitive & really delicate for a long time, my surgeon & oncologist told me that skin would now be akin to baby’s skin & to treat it likewise. I don’t use anything perfumed & still have times, 6 years on, where I find I have to use creams once in a while. Also as  has said keep those difficult bowel movements at bay by using stool softeners, again I relied on these for 3 years post treatment because of anal stenosis rather than true constipation, if I didn’t bowel movements where always painful & my skin would split & bleed. 

    It’s still very early days in your recovery & we all understand those fears you have of reoccurrence but keep reminding yourself of those great scan results. 


  • Hi there Jaycee12

    Thank you for your reply. I have noticed soreness at times and also aching pain in the bones around the back of bottom and cocyxx. I am sure it is the side effects of the radiotherapy. So pleased you are progressing so well. 

    Love PaddyBud x

  • Hi Irene75359

    I still have laxido but haven't used it at all recently. I think I should probably start every now and again

    Hope that you are well and enjoying life?

    It's great to be back at work a couple of days a week. It does tire me out though. Onwards and upwards.

    Love PaddyBud x

  • Hey there Nikki65

    Great to hear from you. Thank you for your reply.

    I can well imagine the skin isn't as it was in that area. It feels as though it has tightened thus sometimes making passing stools painful

    I use palmolive coconut and milk shower wash and the barrier cream does help. 

    Sitting can cause discomfort but not from the hole itself rather the bones and muscles surrounding the area. 

    Out in Aberystwyth today I love being by the sea

    Take good care

    love PaddyBud x

  • Hi again  ,

    I too had coccyx, hip & pelvic bone & muscular pain in the early days but that also improved over time, I had some intensive physiotherapy for persistent hip & lower back pain going back 18 months or so & the exercises really did help, as soon as I feel twinges I begin my exercises again & it resolves again.

    The tightness that you’re describing could possibly be stenosis, I would start the Laxido again to see if that helps, I took one sachet every morning & found it helped immensely. 

    I hope you’ve enjoyed your day out, I’m lucky enough to live on the coast in the North East of England. 


  • I am well, thank you.  I am so pleased to hear you are doing well and enjoying work.  Quite a few of us have aches and pains after radiotherapy and I try and remember to take a couple of paracetamol before I walk my dog - it all helps!

    Irene xx

  • PaddyBud,

    I think you're doing fantastic for this soon out of treatment!

    I rarely have pain when pooping any more (unless I've allowed myself to get constipated, which I try like fire to avoid), but I frequently get it beforehand, and yeah, still occasional itching.

    I wish I could say the paranoia about recurrence goes away, but whenever I've had a particularly bad day, I have to be very stern with myself or tip right over that cliff.



  • I too are 3 months post treatment and have developed soreness , haemorrhoids and itching around the anus. A few weeks ago got my first fissure which was incredibly painful. I have started using homeopathic ointments rather than  too much steroidal stuff and so far so good.  I see the rad onc 12th June to get the results of the MRI & PET scans.