CT scan one year post treatment

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I finished my 5 week chemo radiotherapy a year ago and had my CT scan on Thursday to check if the cancer had gone/spread to other areas. I was wondering when I might hear from my consultant with the results. I am feeling very anxious as I have not been feeling great recently. Also as you all know if it has come back then that’s a different situation altogether and having been through the tough treatment last year I have had my eyes opened, ignorance was bliss last year with my consultant telling me the treatment wasn’t too bad. I’m thinking if it’s bad news I will hear sooner rather than later.

Thank you. 

  • Hi Lme,

    Shame on your consultant for downplaying it! My gastroenterologist said it would be challenging and compared it to a bad sunburn. Well, I figured a bad sunburn THERE would be pretty bad, but it still wasn't enough to prepare me.

    And maybe there's something to it. If they Doom and Gloom too much at the beginning, fragile bunnies like me might opt out, and I'm glad that, awful though it was, I made it through.

    I suspect that most of us continue to have periods where we feel pretty meh. The radiation and chemo spirits are wild and deadly and no one really knows what havoc they wreak and how long they go after they've devoured our cancers. 

    I'd give it until mid-week and then call them. I get that we're just one in a sea of patients they're dealing with, but we get to stand up for ourselves too. We all know how awful the waiting is.

    Keep us posted!!


  • Hi Suz,

    Thank you for your encouraging reply. I’m just hoping no news is good news for the week ahead. 
    I asked the consultant about side effects from the treatment and told him that I been looking at this forum. He was a bit dismissive but I would definitely believe someone who had gone through the experience and come out the other end.

    I will let you know how I get on xx

  • Hello Lme

    The waiting is just awful, isn't it?  Even years down the line, forum members still get jittery about having scans and waiting for the results.  I am sorry that they haven't given you a follow-on appointment to discuss the results, and to find out how you are doing in general.  Hospitals have different protocols regarding treatment, scans and follow-ups and I firmly believe that cancer patients shouldn't be left wondering exactly what the news is.

    I am in total agreement with ridetbred, your consultant didn't do you any favours when he was less than honest about the side effects of radiotherapy, it must have been such a shock to you.

    I would give it a week, and ring them.  And don't let them forget you!  Please let us know how you get on.

    Irene xx