How long after chemo radiation course do you have your next scan?

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Can anyone tell me how long after they finished their chemo radiation cycle, it was until you had your next scan to see if there had been any change? 

  • Hi AsLu24,

    My situation seems different from most, from what I've read here and on the Facebook groups, but I didn't get a scan until a year out. My team felt that there was so much inflammation from the treatment that false positives would be very likely, and that no one needed any of that.

    I was a little put out- like all of us I wanted some good news- but in retrospect I think they were right.

    I'm a bit over 2 years out now.



  • Really? I didn’t know we had to wait that long, I thought they scanned as we went to see if it had shrunk etc??? 
    how will you know though if it grows or?? That’s very disappointing 

    goodness my anxiety is going to be through the roof Face palm♀️Face palm♀️

  • Hi I had mine 3 months after as its still working 

  • Hello AsLu24

    My first scan was three months after the end of treatment and every three months there after.  However, be prepared that at three months the tumour may not have entirely gone, the radiotherapy keeps working for quite a few months.

    Keeping everything crossed that all is clear!

    Irene xx

  • Hi AsLu23

    they scan usually 12 weeks from end of treatment but if your results from that are not showing NED it can be common that the skin is still inflamed and the oncologist I’ve been told are not always concerned as it’s the six month scan they rely on.


  • Hi Irene , 

    if the tumour takes a while to shrink , do you know if you can still feel it for a while after treatment ends ? 
    Hope you ok ?

    Chrissie xx

  • My first post treatment scans (CT & MRI) are scheduled for about 8 weeks afterwards. I’ve already been told that I shouldn’t be surprised or concerned if they’re not completely clear (although that’s easier said than done!)

  • Hi Chrissie

    I am fine, thank you.  I do hope you are well and coping.

    As far as I know, sometimes the tumour can still be seen on the three-month scan.  When you say feel it, do you mean you personally could feel your tumour or the oncologist?  They nearly always do a DRE when you go for a check, my tumour couldn't be felt as it was in the rectum, other tumours lower down can be felt.  Also, after one scan (later) I had 'thickening' at the tumour site and had a sigmoidoscopy to check there was nothing amiss, and it was just scar tissue.  At that point they gave me a picture and it showed my back passage and rectum and no sign of the tumour at all.

    Any scans are worrying, I know!

    Irene xx

  • Thanks Irene .. I could feel a lump near the anal entrance , always thought ( and been told by gp ) it was an external pile !!

    I can still feel it .. remember David’s post a few months back saying sometimes you can see the tumour when it’s dissipated and passed .. 

    Have a peaceful weekend ..

    Take care 

    Chrissie xx