Newly diagnosed - just wanna say hi

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Hi, diagnosed last week with anal cancer (SCC) and experiencing perianal abscesses which is causing complications. I’m booked for a temporary stoma and ostomy.

When my stoma is formed I will have a seton to keep my abscesses open to drain. This was all booked for 16th May…..great! Some time to adjust? or more time to worry?

But because of my abscesses it’s been brought forward for tomorrow..!

Then I’ll start chemoradiotherapy….but who knows when?
I’m ok about it all.. I think. It’s just a blip in my lifetime and I’ll kick its ass.  

Anyway thanks for listening 


  • Hello Jason

    I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis but in spite of everything I am full of admiration that you are so positive about it all.  It will go a long way to help you whilst you wait - and in these early days, even without your complications there is a lot of waiting whilst the treatment plan is drawn up.  I should think they will let your stoma settle down and some healing take place before chemo/radiotherapy.

    Everyone on here has experienced the treatment and we have lots of hints and coping strategies so once you are a bit further down the line please let us know how you are and when the standard treatment starts.

    In the meantime, I hope everything goes well tomorrow, I will be thinking of you.  And we are here should you need support at any time.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Jason,

    If attitude has an impact (and I'm firmly in the YES IT DOES camp) then you're golden. 

    You actually may have an easier time with the treatment and recovery, since you won't be ... er  ...... operating with the same equipment for a while.

    Glad you found the forum.



  • i had the same attitude..i refused to be ill and i sailed through it..had the stoma which sounded horrendous but its nothing..went back to work 4 month after treatment and feel brilliant..i read loads of questions and answers on here before i started it all so got really good advice so keep reading and asking..x

  • i started my treatment 2 weeks after my stoma and that was because i got covid x

  • Hi Jason, good luck with the procedure, please stay in touch and let us know how it goes for you. Sounds as though they have all the plans in place and you will find staff are very supportive and will help you through whatever comes your way.

    I think it's great that it's been brought forward, for so many of us the period between diagnosis and treatement is agonising 'JUST GET ME STARTED!!' so now you are on the way.

    All the best

  • THANK YOU EVERYONE for your replies.
    My operation was fine..!

    After a few cancellations and lots of waiting, I still appreciated that they could squeeze me in suddenly to do the procedure.

    So I’m on recovery ward. Pain in anal region been reduced. First look at my stoma and it looks like a red bulbous flower! 

    First stage over and soon to be ready for the next. I’m reading lots on here and it’s helping so much. THANK YOU


  • Having now got my thoughts together on the operation and the after feelings - that was not an easy thing to go through! My tummy feels like I have metal implants and my stoma erupting is also unplesant. Just thought I’d initially been too optimistic. 

  • Sorry to hear that Jason, I hope everything settles down quickly.  But good to hear from you so soon.  Wishing you quick healing.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Jason, hope things are settling down a bit for you and you are being well looked after. Your body has been through quite a lot so although it's difficult just now, I am sure it will get better as you recover. Take all the help you can get and just go with things at the moment - not that you have much choice ;0)

    Keep reading this forum, you'll find loads from people who have had stomas.