Blood in mucus

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I feel as if this is going on for ages, I have just passed mucus from rectum and it's had blood in it! Not loads but it's there and when I wipe! I saw another doctor at hospital the last time it happened and he didn't seem concerned! He examined me but not internally and said he couldn't feel a mass! Plus my blood test was also ok. I've just had my yearly scans so do I wait until they come back or do I get in touch with the hospital again! Honestly, I feel as if , on one hand, I'm being paranoid or, on the other, being a wimp by NOT getting in touch!

Moura x

  • If your concerned about anything you feel is not normal go see your gp & voice your concerns ! Good luck xx

  • Hi Moira ( ),

    I agree with  , if there’s anything that is out of the ordinary for you personally then please put your mind to rest by speaking with someone from your treating team, they won’t mind I’m sure they’re quite used to getting these queries all of the time. Hopefully this will be just down to something as simple a a flare of inflammation & your scan results will show your continued NED. 


  • Hi Nicola,

    I agree with you, it would be daft to worry, which I am, when it could be something simple or if it's not, something that should be treated sooner rather than later!

    Thanks Nicola,

    Moura x

  • Hello Moura

    There are a very few occasions when I pass blood but I know exactly why - I have become very slightly constipated (in spite of my daily Laxido) and have had to strain.  Or, I have passed a hard stool - a very rare occurrence these days but it does happen and I always bleed.  I don't worry but if at any other time I started to bleed I would be in touch with the team treating me.  In fact every time I see the consultant at check-ups she says I will see you in three months but if there is anything at all worrying you, just give us a ring.  So I definitely would get in touch with them.

    And I am keeping everything crossed that your scans are clear, I do hope that you haven't got long to wait for the results.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Irene,

    I just spoke to my colorectal nurse who was very reassuring! She's going to speak to my consultant and if he feels concerned, they'll bring my August appointment forward! One absolutely great bit of news, my latest scan results are clear!

    Thank you so much Irene,

    Moura x

  • Moura, so happy to hear this on all fronts! xx

  • Hi Moura congratulations on your scan results. Regards to the blood in mucus like others have said that any changes are best reported to your team. Sudden mucus I believe is sign of inflammation and the bleeding could be due to an inflamed bowel lining. Your skin is never the same after radiotherapy and can be a bit more fragile if dealing with larger or frequent bowel movements. I have had this in the past and this is what my team told me. 


  • Thanks Julie,

    What I forgot to mention is I have a stoma but I suppose the same applies! It always seems to happen when I have a harder stool to pass! It still seems to affect rectum! I'm feeling more positive after speaking to the nurse and you are all so lovely on here, it really helps,

    Moira x