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Lace 23

I hope everyone is doing ok.

I have been following the threads for a while and received wonderful advice from everyone when I was having treatment last year. I am coming to nearly a year since I finished chemo radiotherapy and still have some ongoing side effects- sore hips, lack of stamina etc. I received 2 clear MRI scans so treatment was successful, however, a few weeks ago at my check up the doctor felt a small skin tag roughly in the area where my tumour had been. 10 days ago I had a general anaesthetic and the small polyp was removed - I was told it wasn’t cancerous but the cells had started to change. I am of course relieved but now anxious that things can change so quickly and that it could be pre cancerous. Has anyone else had this problem? The procedure has made me sore again and for a few days the pain was excruciating - getting better now thankfully.

I am struggling with my anxiety around check ups and scans and wondered if anyone can suggest how to make things better. I am obviously at risk of developing polyps! After I had recovered from treatment I really got out and about and enjoyed myself and was delighted scans were clear- now feeling deflated!! 

  • Hello Lace 23

    I wish I had the answer, but I am sorry I don't, for me the extreme anxiety around scan times has never gone away and I think many others feel exactly the same.  I completely understand your concerns following your recent procedure and the positive thing to take from all of this is that your treating team are keeping a very close eye on you and sound as if they will swing into action (as they did with the polyp) if there is anything to be concerned about. 

    But that doesn't help with the anxiety, I know.  I am hoping you get more useful answers than mine as I could really do with some tips on coping too!  I hope your recovery from this recent procedure continues quickly and uneventfully and that you return to enjoying life (barring check-ups)!

    Sending a commiserating hug

    Irene xx

  • Dear Irene,

    Thank you for your warm and kind reply. My oncologist has explained that they are keeping a close eye on me as the polyp although not cancer was AIN 3 so abnormal cells. I am being seen this week for an additional check up and I have an MRI on Thursday - I have lots of questions so hoping to get a few answers tomorrow. After feeling so well and positive I just can’t bear to think of lots more check ups! I have also been referred to Homerton for a HRA. Fingers crossed they can pick up any suspicious stuff early. Hope you are well. Xx

  • Hello Lace23

    I recently replied on a later post how I sometimes think I would love never to see the inside of a hospital again, and I know what you mean about checkups - the very fact that they are being done fills me with dread!  But unfortunately they are part of our life now.  But I am pleased that they are keeping a close eye on you, even though that means more check-ups...

    I am well, thank you, and keeping my fingers crossed for you too.

    Irene xx