Lump just outside anus

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EDIT 30/6/23 Just received my appointment letter for the biopsy…. 2/1/24!!!! What is happening to the NHS?!  3 month wait this is crazy anyone else had such a long wait?  This is like mental cruelty  

Hi I know I’ve recently asked questions about this recently but I was wondering I saw my oncologist’s registrar on Tuesday she has found a lump just outside my anus and they are going to do a biopsy. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen after chemo radiotherapy treatment for SCC stage 2 just inside the anus. I was given the all clear now this and what was the out come for you please. It has surprised me I know it’s going to be a waiting game again of a minimum of a month it’s torture all this waiting. 

  • Hi  ,

    I'm so sorry you’ve got all of this worry again, your anxiety must be through the roof! The most recent posts of a similar nature are those from  , Julie had a mystery lump also that was investigated & removed & turned out to be benign, hopefully you’ll have the same outcome. I wish I could be of more help. I’m sure one of Julie’s posts was entitled ‘mystery lump’, if you put that in the search box you’ll be able to read through those posts, you may find it helpful. 


  • GreenNanny

    I am not surprised that you are upset, I must admit I am taken aback by the appointment not being until next year.  I would ring the oncologist's secretary and ask to be fitted in sooner, given your history.  The lump might well be nothing but that doesn't stop you going through huge uncertainty for another three months.  Make a fuss, please!  

    Irene xx

  • Ok I was thinking I should I’ll try and leave a message. I’m currently in the toilet desperately trying to hurry up for a show to start at the theatre with out grandchildren. These are the real momeSee no evil struggles sometimes. They may have to go in without me. It is what it is I’m just relived I’m in the toilet and not stuck in the theatre See no evilFlushed

  • Crikey   next year!! I’d most certainly be chasing that up, that just isn’t acceptable at all given you’re still under surveillance for your cancer diagnosis. 


  • GreenNanny

    I would do my best to talk to someone, failing that put it in writing so there is a record of your concerns.

    I am really hoping you managed to see the show!

    Irene xx

  • FOUR MONTHS!!!!!!

    Ho no. No no no. That is not acceptable. 

    I'm so sorry this is happening, Nanny. I'd call them first thing Monday and demand better. 

    :( Suz

  • I know I thought that I’m just worried they’ll think I’m moaning when others are worse and need to be seen sooner. 

  • I really wouldn’t concern yourself with the urgency of other people’s cases, your Dr’s want this lump biopsied for a reason therefore I think in my opinion there’s an urgency attached to your case also especially as I said before you’re in the midst of your surveillance period for your cancer diagnosis! Make sure there’s a record of you requesting an earlier date too.


  • Hi Greenanny, I have just returned from my cruise and brought back Covid which is a bit of a pain. I wanted to tell you my experience with a lump I developed just outside my anus which appeared around the two year post treatment period. I started to get pain when going to to toilet and it would feel like a hard pea! I was pretty lucky as my oncologist took a photo of it (I wasn’t shown it) to send to the surgeon. She did say it didn’t feel like cancer but as I was getting some pain they would check it out. I was very lucky as they had a cancellation and I was seen in a matter of a couple of weeks. Like you I was very worried and all sorts of worries take over. The surgery wasn’t nice but to be given the all clear made up for it. I was told the radiotherapy can cause these fibrolous lumps and there is a name for them but just can’t remember it. It’s well over three months now and I am now not feeling pain opening my bowels. They can come back apparently but fingers crossed they won’t. Fingers crossed for you that you are seen earlier and I think it will be worth you saying you are happy to go in anytime if there are cancellations. 

  • Hi thank you everyone for your replies I’m relieved others feel the same as I do! She didn’t mention she felt it could be anything else she just said there’s a new lump we need to do a biopsy. I’ve called my specialist nurse as she was in the room too so hoping she’ll be able to help sort this out. I haven’t slept great worrying about this. I’m dreading having it but it has to be done. I actually thought the biopsy any treatment would be completed hopefully by Christmas or if chemo needed to start straight away. I know they are busy and strikes aren’t helping but this is nuts!! I hope I don’t hear… it’s a slow growing cancer so no need to worry AGAIN!!! Xx