Lump just outside anus

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EDIT 30/6/23 Just received my appointment letter for the biopsy…. 2/1/24!!!! What is happening to the NHS?!  3 month wait this is crazy anyone else had such a long wait?  This is like mental cruelty  

Hi I know I’ve recently asked questions about this recently but I was wondering I saw my oncologist’s registrar on Tuesday she has found a lump just outside my anus and they are going to do a biopsy. I was wondering if anyone else has had this happen after chemo radiotherapy treatment for SCC stage 2 just inside the anus. I was given the all clear now this and what was the out come for you please. It has surprised me I know it’s going to be a waiting game again of a minimum of a month it’s torture all this waiting. 

  • Hi everyone so my apologies!! I received a call back and the letter I have received ( I do have many fir different things) is not for my bottom biopsy it’s for my next 3 monthly check up with my dr not the biopsy!! I completely read the letter wrong it says it’s to see my surgeon surgery so I thought it was for my biopsy but it’s actually to see my oncologist again., confusing! They have said I should get the appointment for my biopsy 4-6 weeks or it could be next week. Xx 

  • That sounds better  , the sooner the better then hopefully you’ll be able to continue your recovery.


  • GreenNanny

    I think we are all relieved about that!  Let's hope your 'other' appointment comes through very quickly.

    Irene xx