Results Post treatment are in .


I hope everyone is doing ok today .

I finished my treatment in mid April and recovered well and  fairly quickly. Had bloods taken in June which were looking good and tumour market had dropped significantly so scans were  booked for September. 
Had a lovely summer , out and about, back to eating what I want with only occasional bouts of diarrhea and all very manageable. 

Had my MRI beginning of September. The results showed everything was clear except a small area of inflammation that they thought was due to the treatment,  but wanted to monitor . Already had a PET scan booked for the following week so was hopeful that it would be confirmed as scarring . Feeling cautiously optimistic. 

PET results showed original tumour had disappeared along with original lymph nodes .
However , more lymph nodes have shown up in thoracic area and there is now a lesion on my liver . An MRI on liver the next day confirmed it as a small secondary . Now waiting for an echograph and biopsy on the lymph nodes . Dr said I will likely be having chemo again but wants to have all the results in first . 
I am devastated . I feel really well generally but can’t believe I’ve got to face more treatment. I’m a roller coaster of emotions and struggling a bit to keep it together . 

Anyone starting out , in treatment or recovering, please note that Chemo / radiotherapy is VERY effective . My original 7 cm tumour was targeted and has gone!!
Unfortunately for me, some cells must have gone astray prior to starting maybe. I just need my new treatment plan now and to get going . More waiting and more stressing ( which I know isn’t good either  so stressing that I’m stressing !! Aargh ) 


  • Hi  , I’m so sorry to hear this news, when you’ve been doing so well & feeling good it must have come as such a blow! None of us want to face the prospect of more treatment but it sounds as though your treating team are on the ball & hopefully they’ll get a new treatment plan in place for you quickly. Feeling stressed in your situation is to be expected, I think we’d all feel exactly the same. Please know we’re here to support you however we can. 


  • Thank you Nicola 

  • Oh Elf66

    I am so sorry you have had this set-back, I can totally understand why you must be reeling over this news, never mind the extreme stress that goes hand-in-hand with this.

    If you check my details, I had advanced cancer at diagnosis.  The gold standard treatment is Carboplatin/Paclitaxol, I had that weekly for three weeks and then two weeks off for six cycles.  I tolerated that quite well apart from the anti-sickness steroids which I took alongside, so my husband often found me doing housework in the middle of the night as sleep was elusive until the effect wore off.  I did lose all my hair but a very helpful seller on Etsy made me lots of caps in the colours that matched my clothes so I still felt reasonably glamorous!  

    So in your case I would think that they will start you on chemo fairly quickly to prevent further spread, and may not decide what to do next until later.  I know this may not be consolation to you but I found the six months systemic chemo much easier than what followed.  We went on holiday touring in our camper van (it was the height of COVID) and when restrictions eased I was out and about as I always had been BC.

    The team treating you will be moving quickly, but in the meantime if there is anything I can help with at all please shout out.  I have the experience of treatment for cancer that has spread and am more than willing to share what I can with you.

    Sending you a huge hug

    Irene xx 

  • Thank you Irene . That’s really  good to have an idea of what the chemo will be .. Like you say , I need to get moving . The lymph node biopsy isn’t until 16th Oct and then results after that . Seems an age to be waiting . 
    I’ve read your details - gosh you went through it ! I’m so pleased ( and encouraged !) that you are doing well now . Xx