OH NO Bleeding AGAIN

omg tried to be positive but when I’ve been for a number 2 I’m bleeding again !!! Treatment finished given all clear last Ct scan last week all clear but saw blood last three days but had sone beetrCryt so through it was that but just bee again and I’m definitely bled Cry I’m so scared!!!! Waiting for call back from my specialist nurse think it’s too late now as it’s 3.05pm we but hear till Monday. Omg Omg can’t believe it I’m crying so much!! 

  • Hey  ,

    I sure hope you hear from your team soon, but meanwhile, I just wanted to jump in here and say I hear your panic, I’ve even felt your panic about the bleeding.  I too, have (and very rarely still, 20 months out) experienced bleeding after a bowel movement.  Like you, it sets off a very loud alarm in me, because some bleeding and a little mucous were the only symptoms I had prior to diagnosis.  Like you, I contacted my team immediately in those first few blood sightings post-treatment.

    My team told me this—because of the damage to the tissue done by radiation, the tissue is very prone to tears.  A large or hard bowel movement, or even wiping the wrong way, can cause bleeding.  I was also told that after radiation, you’re more susceptible to hemorrhoids, which also bleed.  The guidance I was given was to watch for anything “persistent or worsening.”  So, for instance, 2-3 days of blood shouldn’t cause panic for me, but nearing 2 weeks, yes, contact the team for further investigation.  Along the lines of “worsening,” some blood that lessens over the course of a few days is not a big concern, but blood that increases in quantity, especially when consciously making effort to soften the diet, or blood which then comes with worsening pain, also, should be investigated.  That was all very reassuring guidance for me.  Every case is different, so you should definitely talk to your team about the specifics of your case, but I do hope this takes the edge off of your worry long enough for them to get back to you with an informed response for your situation!

    One of the things I have commiserated with my team and other survivors about is the fact that it’s a little cruel that the treatment which is so effective against this type of cancer comes with side effects so similar to the symptoms that sent us to the doctor to begin with!

    Sending you peace and wishes for quick answers from your team.



  • Green Nanny

    Take a deep breath.  Red Curl Girl has explained how it happens to her, and I am chipping in here, it happens to me too.  Especially if I strain to pass a stool, if my stools aren't REALLY soft, and I have accepted that this is the way it is now; the skin in and around the anus is incredibly fragile and breaks down so easily. A week out from your last scan I think the odds are that you have very sensitive easily ruptured skin in that area that bleeds easily.

    All these things are easy for me to say but I know only too well how alarmed we can get after a diagnosis and treatment for cancer.  So please, talk to your team but in the meantime try and relax this weekend.

    This comes with all the commiserations from us here who go through similar feelings so often, and I am sending a big hug too.

    Irene xx

  • Hi thank you for the reply but it’s been nearly a year.  My specialist nurse did call me back quickly thank goodness she was brilliant. I have already got an appointment with my oncologist on Tuesday 26th sept am. And MRI pm so they’ll have a really good look. I’ve got to TRY really hard and block this out till Tuesday. Grandchildren to the rescue!!! Xx

  • Hi Irene it was a very soft small stool in fact I remember thinking that was a good number 2 no discomfort at all so shocked to see the blood I busted into tears. I’ve had much bigger harder more uncomfortable ones and never bled like this this was like in the beginning CryWeary I don’t think I could cope with more treatment. Need to block it out and hope to god it’s all fine. Thank goodness we have a busy weekend with grandchildren - garden centre Christmas decorations GrinningGrinningGrinning xxx

  • Hi  , 

    As you probably know I’ve just passed the 5 year post treatment mark this summer & if it’s any comfort I bled on & off when having bowel movements for possibly 2.5-3 years of that 5! This happened mainly following a difficult bowel movement but odd times when it seemed there was no cause. Hopefully your visit on Tuesday with your oncologist will help put your mind at rest. 


  • Dear GreenNanny. 

    Just to send you lots of love and well wishes.

    Hope that you got to speak to your nurse yesterday and that she has been able to allay your fears

    Stay strong 

    PaddyBud xx