After treatment

Hi I was wondering if anybody after radiotherapy had cracked skin on there bum that turned into a hole? I thought I was healing but then this has happened it’s quite deep they have to pack it but because where it is it’s hard to cover it! Thank you 

  • Hi  , I’ve no personal experience of what you’re going through at the moment with just wanted to say I’m sorry you’re having to deal with this right now. I’m hoping someone will be along soon & be able to offer you  some advice. 


  • Thank you I’m hoping someone else can relate not that I want anyone else to go through it but you know what I mean! It’s awful to go through especially when I’ve just had the all clear (yay) 

  • Hello Kimj

    I had quite severe skin loss everywhere and at the very tip of my spine, a sore developed into what they described as almost being a bed sore.  But it didn't develop into a hole as such (I don't think) but took quite a long time to heal.  The tissue viability nurse at the hospital was marvellous and I saw her frequently, and if one dressing wasn't working she tried something else, at that point they were trying to keep the wound moist and prevent a scab from forming.  It sounds as if they are making sure that your sore heals from the inside out, as if it scabs over too quickly the hole below hasn't healed. It isn't helped by the fact that you have had chemotherapy which definitely adversely affects the healing processes.

    I am really sorry that you are going through this.  A hole can take two or three weeks to heal and as you say, very difficult to cover.  I vividly remember the mountains of dressings, creams and potions that I had and having to get my family to change the dressings as obviously I just couldn't see what was going on! 

    I hope they are keeping a very close eye on your sore and that it heals properly - the team treating you will know as the hole gets more and more shallow as new healthy tissue forms.

    I'm keeping everything crossed that this is resolved quickly.

    Irene xx

  • Hi Irene that sounds awful bless you! I just find it really strange it’s happened now as treatment was 3 months ago? I have nurses coming everyday because I have an abscess on my other cheek tjat needs dressing! I thought I was getting better an healing then this happens it’s really painful I’m only taking ibuprofen for it! 

  • Kimj

    It sounds incredibly painful and it would be a good idea to let the nurses know just how bad it is, they may need to prescribe stronger pain meds to help you through this period.  You must have thought you were well through the worst of it and I am so sorry you are having to cope with this three months out. 

    Coincidentally I had a mole removed from my buttock prior to starting the systemic chemo I had for six months and about five weeks later I moved across the car seat and had a sudden sharp stab of pain.  The wound, which had healed superficially had burst open and there was a hole underneath.  I was on holiday at the time and went to the local hospital and it was there I was told that when a wound develops into a hole, it has to heal from the inside out.  It took several weeks, but what really accelerated the healing were silver dressings prescribed by the nurse at my GP's practice.  I looked online and they are incredibly expensive but they really do work miracles.  But given where your deep wound is, I don't know how you would be able to keep the dressing on.

    Sending you a gentle hug!

    Irene xx