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My dad was diagnosed with squamous cell anal cancer in 2018. he underwent chemo/radiotherapy but unfortunately the tumor grew back and it was discovered to be in his liver and lymph nodes in 2019. He underwent more chemo and in february 2020 he underwent an APR and liver resection. He was clear on scans for 3 years. In feb this year enlarged lymph nodes were noted on an MRI and in july a PET scan confirmed cancer in various lymph nodes around his body.

His current medical oncologist (who never wanted him to have an APR which bought him 3 years) has said that this cancer is incurable, and that he should attempt to "live his life" with scans every few months until becoming symptomatic, and then he will do chemo to slow growth. she sees no reason to let him feel rubbish on chemo when she doesnt believe it will do anything.

My brother and I want a second opinion as it feels wrong to do nothing and just let the cancer grow. He is 65, goes to the gym every 3 days and is on zero medications.

Can anyone who has had metastic squamous cell anal cancer recommend a consultant in the UK who we can reach out to for a private second opinion?

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  • Sarah

    I don't know why your post didn't come up on my feed but I have just seen it.  I have sent you a friend request as I may be able to share information that will help.

    Irene xx

  • Hi  ,

    Apologies like Irene I’ve also only just seen your post so I’m not sure if there’s been a bit of a glitch!

    I’m so sorry to hear of your dads current situation but like you are doing I think I’d be pushing for a second opinion. I hope you find the information that Irene has for you useful.