One for the girls

As if it couldn't get more personal..... I need a bit of advice and for want of a better word; reassurance. At the end of my treatment which is now 3weeks ago I had my final review with one of my nurses and was given a leaving 'present'! I have to admit it was a bit of a jaw dropping moment!! I was given a Femmax dilator/ trainer set. I was given instructions on how, when and how many times to use it. I was told to start at the 3 week post treatment mark but I'm really nervous as I'm still very sore and still having a wee is very painful. How was it for you girls? Is there anything that I need to take heed or be worried about? Xxx

  •  Hi honey, just be patient & don’t force it.  Use lots of lube.  It’ll take time.  Use whatever tricks you have to relax - ha ha;)

    Here’s a controversial one - if you can find a *very* skinny vibrator from somewhere like Lovehoney, the buzz might help relax or distract you.  And you won’t ever hear that from a doctor, and I never said it & have alibis who’ll swear I was in Timbuktu at the timeJoy   xx  toni

  • Hahahaaa I had to look twice I thought I'd hit an Ann Summers advert. I'm going to have to ask my 19 year old daughter to get me the KY Jelly bless her thankfully her age group are not easily embarrassed unlike me who still calls sanitary towels.. dodah's!  Does it hurt? I just worry what's going on in there now after all the Chernobyl freebies xxx Marie 

  •   Does it hurt? - not if you promise yourself to stop before it does! - otherwise it definitely will.  Be gentle! & be even more gentle than that...

    Marie, I’d recommend the RO-150mm Slimline made by Rocks Off but the only one I can find is part of a set of three.  Here’s the link:

    It’s £35 for the set - ouch - & takes 2x LR1 batteries.  I used mine for years to help with pudendal nerve damage but to be honest I don’t have the heart to start all over again.

    The buzz is pretty intense so I don’t know how other people would like it  xxx  toni

  • Thanks toni, I'll check that out..........after I've had a cold shower!  Seriously though, it's blinking nerve wracking isn't it  xxx

  •  Nerve wracking indeed!

    Now remember - you’re not allowed to enjoy it, it’s for medicinal use onlyJoy xxx

  • Hi  the wonderful dilators... it is best to use them as soon as possible but I was so sore I didn’t start until about 9 weeks after treatment ended. You’ve already had some good advice, I’d just add to use a sugar free lubricant otherwise you may get an outbreak of thrush if this is something you’re prone to. I get Yes water based lubricant on prescription. It’s really important to start with the small ones and work your way up using loads of lubricant. You probably will take a few weeks if not a couple of months to work up to the biggest size. Try and stay as relaxed as possible, tensing will obviously make it more painful. I’m glad you’ve raised this topic it does need to be talked about a bit more I think. Bev x

  • Thanks Bev, I think I might wait another week!! I'd forgotten all about it until yesterday so I think I'm going to need at least a few days to pluck up the courage. Eee, the things us girls have to Pray Prayxxx

  • Hi 

    I started by using Mucosamin vaginal cream. I bought on Amazon, but suggested by my niece who is consultant gastroenterologist. Read the info on how it helps repair process after chemo and radiation damage. I found it easy to use with applicators. Then started with the small dilator but move up to big one fairly quickly. I also like Bev got the lubricant on prescription (I don’t pay for prescriptions so sensible!) I have water based Sylk. Sensible to wait til your less sore but would recommend the Mucosamin ASAP. I think it helped...... Hope it goes wellWinkWinkWinkFingers crossedFingers crossedFingers crossed

    Ruth x

  • Thank you Ruth, I am going to have a look into everyone's recommendations. I'm in that frame of mind where I'm procrastinating because I'm literally frightened of doing it! Sounds really silly considering how much I've gotten through up to now BUT I'll have to do it I know. I'm just worried about the unknown and it's probably nowhere near as bad as I envisage. Xxx Marie 

  •   Hmm, procrastinating - I would but I keep putting it off;)

    Possibly better than fear would be a healthy respect for the potential for damage.  I’d prefer a commitment to stopping at the first sign of discomfort.

    But I’m a hypocrite - I’m frightened of so many things right now, mostly of spending the rest of my life in this discomfort:(  xxx