Relapsed AML

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Hi my partner's just relapsed it really doesn't matter if you get bone marrow biopsy or not who knew.. anyway the more I read into it it looks like a second bone marrow is eventually most likely but Prayjust thought I'd see if there were any people who didn't have to have a second transplant and the aml just magically disappeared, thanks for reading Pray

  • Hi again  and sorry to hear about your partners suspected relapse.

    As you may remember I have a different type of blood cancer but have had 2 Allo SCTs.

    My first Allo SCT failed within 6 months…… unfortunately a BMB had to be done to get a clear picture as to what was going on and check that going into a second Allo SCT was going to be possible…… although there were no other treatments available back in Oct 2015 so we just went for it as there was my last role of the dice.

    Post my second Allo SCT my donor chimerism was down at low 50% for a full 23 months before it eventually kicked in at 100%……. over these long 23 months I had to have regular BMBs Rolling eyes

    I do hope a way forward is found for him ((hugs))

    Mike (Thehighlander)

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  • Thanks again Mike, yes I guess I just have to accept we're in for the long haul, just so weird he's been absolutely fine except gvh, working etc and now this...