Travel insurance to Australia Post Stem Cell transplant

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Hi all 

I am 15 months post Stem cell transplant and my myeloma is in remission .Has anyone out there managed to get travel insurance to Aus for 6/ 8 weeks ? Just about to start looking with the help of Myelima UK .

Wishing every one well 

Cakie ( Sue ) 

  • Hi again Sue  a trip down under sounds amazing…. 

    Let’s see if there is anyone with the same journey (SCT and Myeloma) in the group who can help you out….. also worth posting in the SCT support group.

    I had to be 2 years in official remission and not on any cancer related treatments….. but as it took me a year post SCT to hear the word ‘remission’…… so in reality it took me 3 years to get any insurance.

    How Insurance providers make decisions are often all down to cancer types, treatment, prognosis and the resulting risk factor put on you by the insurers risk assessment.

    I will say that SCT makes us very open to serious infections due to a reduced immune system so this in my case was seen as a high risk factor for insurers.

    Comparison sites tend to use the same algorithms so getting a clear price can be difficult and it’s not that unusual to be turned down or told to call the insurers. 

    It is actually more effective to call a few insurers directly as this means that you have answered all the questions correctly and in doing this a suitable policy can be offered and price given.

    Full disclosure is always advisable as in the event of you developing any issues this can reduce the risk of an insurance companies wriggling out from paying out.

    As a Macmillan Volunteer I am not allowed to recommend any companies but do have a look through this > recommended travel insurance discussion thread (do go to the bottom of the thread and hit the >> to take you to the newest posts) and you will see various insurance providers mentioned.

    You could also have a look at the various posts in the group as there a good number about various providers and peoples experiences in getting cover.

    Happy hunting.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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  • Thanks Mike, I'll take a look  I've been given the go ahead to travel long haul from Haematology but back problems not related to myeloma are causing issue at the moment .Waiting on a call from Neurosurgery to discuss latest scan .I have a reputation of planning too far ahead ! Hope you are well and keeping out of the Scottish rain .

    Best wishes Sue 


  • Hi Sue....... it's a challenging journey to navigate post SCT.

    My consultant also cleared me to travel once my vaccines had all been done, that was about 2 years post SCT but as I said i was not 2 years in remission until 3 years post SCT.

    When I said that my consultant was happy for me to to travel (2 years post SCT) it was as though it fell on deaf ears when I talked with Insurance providers....... they just worked through their checklists and looked to get the information needed to make a risk assessment and hopefully provide a price.

    Mike (Thehighlander)

    It always seems impossible until its done - Nelson Mandela

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