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Hi Everyone

i recently retired early and we booked a World Cruise for Jan 2025. Unfortunately I’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Had lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed and awaiting next steps.  My question is, will I be able to get insurance cover or should I just cancel and take the hit of losing the deposit? 

I’m devastated at the moment and can’t seem to think straight,

Any advice or people willing to share experience would be appreciated.

  • Hi Megansgran,

    I did not have breast cancer, vulva cancer and when I tried to get insurance it was very expensive, so asked some friends and it was suggested to try you bank.  We went to the nationwide on line, filled in the form and was told to ring a number for screening.  We did this and got worldwide including the USA, no surcharge for me and it also included phones, tablets and laptops plus breakdown cover on the cars for £13 per month.  Definitely worth a try.  There is a surcharge for cruise cover we was told and it was £48 for a year. Hope this helps.

  • Thank you so much for your swift response!  That’s really helpful and I’ll look into it straight away xx

  • If you took out insurance when you booked then that should cover cancellation as long as you had no symptoms then. Subject to the t&c you’d be able to claim for cancellation costs less any xs (assuming your doctor thinks you aren't fit to travel)   

    If, however you didn’t take out insurance then you could try one of the firms on the list Macmillan provide. Post radiotherapy I got annual insurance from Staysure but it excludes cruises (my choice). It was around £700 for me and my partner. Cruise cover is generally more expensive  

    The premium for your husband will be loaded as yours will as it’s assumed any cancellation or curtailment as a result of your health will apply to both of you. 

    if you did take our insurance before your diagnosis and still want to travel you need to notify the provider and get written confirmation they’ll continue to cover you. There’s likely to be an additional premium 

    Good luck. I hope you are able to travel and the future looks bright. 

  • Thank you.  I had cover but it runs out in September of this year, so I was going to upgrade then.  Apparently it was booked too far in the future to include on this years premium. I appreciate your response and will take your advice - thank you.