InsuranceWith - easily the best value insurer

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I'm going to the USA in September (had bowel cancer last year and have heart condition). Did a trawl and the quotes were pretty grim - the cheapest being £1500 up to £3000 or more for a 21 day trip. 

Went to InsuranceWith (thanks, Macmillan for this forum!) as I found a useful thread on this forum - got a quote for under £600. Still quite expensive but definitely much better value. 

  • Thank you so much for posting this.  I was having a nightmare trying to find insurance that didn't cost almost as much as my weeks holiday in Greece.   I got an amazing quote from InsuranceWith.  What a sensible set of questions they ask before quoting!  If you hadn't posted this I could easily have ended up paying ten times as much.  Thank you.