Travel ins, in limbo, prostate cancer mri pirads5 waiting for biopsy

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Hi everyone,  I apologise in advance if someone has asked before. Fairly new to all this. My husband has had an mri for prostate cancer and is awaiting his biopsy. Was told the mri was suspicious then copy GPs letter stated he has 3 lesions  1 x pirad 5 and 2 x pirad 3. We are going to Rome in a few weeks. I think our travel insurance is with the post office and I am worried we wouldn't be covered for anything, even not  cancer related if we don't update them. I'm just not sure what the update is as feel in total limbo at the moment. Hoping the biopsy is before we go but even if it is,  I'm doubtful would have results given the time frame. Has anyone been in a similar situation 

  • Hello MARIE76B,

    I'm sorry to hear of your husband's problems.

    As far as your travel insurance is concerned, you will be required by the terms of the policy to notify the insurer of the change in his health because this is what they will call a material change in risk and it is probable you will invalidate cover entirely for him if disclosure is not made. I suggest you 'phone them to give them an update and discuss as soon as possible. 

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  • Thanks very much,  I kinda thought so, thanks for the advice. I will call them tomorrow and explain the situation and see what they say