Travel insurance, family member has terminal prognosis

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Hey All,

My dad was given terminal prognosis at the beginning of this year. We didnt think he would still be here, but he is!

I have pushed back holidays already and companies have been understanding, but i now need to take out insurance incase i have to cancel all together.

He will not be travelling with me, but i need a good cancellation policy as it is unclear whether his health will decline suddenly or continue on gradual decline like it is the moment so it is okay for me to be away for a few days. 

When i get to the T&Cs, as i am already aware he is ill when purchasing the insurance, i wouldn't be covered. 

Has anyone else been in this situation or found a good insurer?

Thanks in advance,



    Hi Laura and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    I'm very sorry to read that your dad has been given a terminal diagnosis and that you're finding it difficult to get travel insurance that will cover you if you need to cancel because of his illness.

    There have been quite a few people who have posted on this forum in the past also trying to find the type of cover that you are looking for. Unfortunately, none of them have ever come back to say whether they've been successful or not.

    You could look through this thread, as it's where the majority of recommendations for travel insurance for people with cancer will be found, although none of the recommendations are specifically for your scenario. However, those travel insurance companies would be a good place to start.

    Another idea would be to contact an insurance broker and ask them to try and find cover for you.

    If you are successful, PLEASE do come back and let us know for future people looking for this type of insurance.

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  • Hi Laura

    Did you have any joy?  My mum has just been diagnosed with terminal Cancer too and I am struggling to find insurance to cover me in case I need to curtail/canc my holiday which is two weeks.

    Many thanks