Huge differences in Travel Insurance quotes

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I have Stage 4 lung cancer and used to use Saga at the start of my treatment after being refused cover by a number of companies.  A friend recommended I try Insurancewith and I was completely blown away with the help I got and the quotes were amazing. They ask a lot of questions and I was on the phone for a while but I felt that they treated me as an individual and not another statistic like so many companies who ask the same general cancer questions. 
I would recommend them although they are very busy and I called last week and got a message saying they were taking at least 3 days to call back.
I decided to try Allclear insurance for a quote for 5 days in Spain next month. It was £3000!! Unbelievable really. Why do these companies not take a leaf out of Insurancewith’s books and actually ask the right questions. 
I managed to get back in touch with Insurancewith and the cost was £39 !!! I’d definitely give them a try. 

  • H Kendo24 welcome to  the forum.  Thank you so much for sharing this for others as any help is always greatly appreciated. Thats some difference for you from 39pds to £3000. Wow!!!!!! Thanks again for sharing and enjoy your break. 


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