Advice please, know I’m going to have chemo in May but…what to declare now, or wait?

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I had a LAR 26th February and got T3N0M0 and R0, so no spread and all good news thankfully. Stake 2 tumour completely removed.

Saw oncologist today and have decided to have oral chemotherapy - plan is to begin in May for 6 month course, 2 weeks on a week off.

My question is what to declare for travel insurance please.

I’ve run through a few quotes and they vary widely in price depending on what I answer in regards my treatment situation.

Technically, I am not undergoing treatment now, so I say no, but know I will be, and will have done, when it comes to my holiday in July. I therefore answer yes to ‘is there any other treatment planned?’

Technically I wasn’t ‘advised’ to have chemotherapy, but have decided to, so I say no I wasn’t advised to have chemotherapy but further treatment is planned.

I’m thinking I should just buy the travel insurance answering the questions on the basis that I will be mid-chemo.  I realistically down the line would be obliged to tell them anyway about the chemo having started and I do know it will be so….

I want to be up front and ensure I’m covered but at the same time if i answer the questions honestly for here and now, would that be ok too? 

Any advice/suggestions based on experience appreciated please.

Thank you.

  • Hi Edtheduck

    That's good news on your result, and great to have a holiday to look forward too.

    If you do not declare your forthcoming treatment I think you will it unlikely your insurer will pay out if you are unlucky and need to make a claim. I personally have not come across a quote request that does not ask something along lines of 'are you awaiting of the results of any investigations or are awaiting treatment'.   I'm not sure that your thoughts on technicalities on 'advice' on the treatment would be the same as the insurers. They are much more likely to take the view that you knew you knew you would be having more treatment and did not declare it. 

    You may be better talking to the insurer to get a quote rather than doing it online. That way you can make sure you are giving accurate answers to specific questions. I would suggest you answer the questions as honestly as you can, but not volunteer and additional info that is not specifically asked. 

    In a previous life I was a claims assessor for 2 major insurers and know that its easy to turn down a claim when the applicant has either not fully disclosed information or they decided it was not relevant to tell the insurer. Ultimately, it is up to the insurer to set a quote based on all the information, and only they can decide what is relevant, not you. (I have just renewed my annual policy and declared by cancer and epilepsy, as well as the major surgery I'd had just 3 weeks earlier - they were completely un-interested in the recent surgery and it didn't effect my quote at all, but it was declared and it was their decision on how to rate the risk).

    Hope this helps and that you find a quote that gives peace of mind for a great holiday.


  • Thanks TracyP. Looking forward to it, just want to be sure I’m covered properly.

    yes insurancewith asks “Are you waiting for any further tests, investigations or the results of these or any non routine appointments with a specialist or consultant?”  This is where I was torn as I’m not awaiting any of these but yes I do know I will be having further treatment and the next question is, “Are you waiting for any hospital treatment”, so answer to this is yes, so suppose that clarifies it for me with that particular provider, whose quote for 2 weeks is £203 for couple.

    when I do a quote through top cash back and answer all screening questions honestly (which are to be fair, less intrusive) I do get a quote for £161 from post office and hen you’d get £36 cash back.

    I think I’ll go with Insurancewith as seems to be most popular with people with cancer.


  • For me, Staysure was the most expensive, then Insurancewith and then, though the last two were much more competitive than Staysure, 

    Good luck and happy holidays.


  • Hi there, just to say I booked my yearly European travel insurance with and found them quite reasonable.