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A year ago having been rejected by Staysure after many years, I came onto this community site. I read through and soon got a flavour of what I may have to go through. There was however a steer to those insurers [ony one or two!] who looked helpful.

I ended up in negotiation with Insurancewith and was amazed when they offered me an annual policy which I took a cost of course.  We travelled twice last year to France. first was uneventful biut alas the second trip in September was the one we all dread. Hesart failure. 4 weeks in Angers University Hospital and an ambulance fligh home for a further 4 weeks in Derriford Hospital, Plymouth. Superb care from both and a seemless feeling. This was to my mind a substantial claim but the Loss Adjusters never gave the feeling of trying to avoid items of the claim. My wife could not fly with me [no room in the aircraft. Only space for patient, Doctor, Nurse and 2 pilots] She is also a cancer sufferer and had a fully escorted trip.

And so today for a third trip before the annual policy runs out. No surprise that with the updated medical conditions the cover under the existing olicy was declined. BUT the insurers provide a chance to apply for a single trip policy.  A  very helpfull lady on the phone took me through a new proposal and we now have this policy in place for our trip next a cost of course.

My trips are planned between Chemo treatments. My oncology consultant prescribes 2 treatments two weeks apart then a 6 week break. This with a pump fitted for 2 days after each treatmenrt day. I find this is tolerated well and my life is much as usual and quite active but then I have a strong Christian Faith.which works for me. I am stage 4 and nearly 80.

I hope this is found helpful to some. I contribute little to his site but it is  wonderful and helpful  and I would encourage people to share their experiences as it is such a help to others in so many ways. I am sorry not to put more in, but I still work. So much of my lif is God given and driven!.

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    That's great to read that you've got travel insurance with and thanks very much for taking the time to recommend this company and explain the process.

    I hope you have lots of lovely holidays.

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