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Total newbie to travel insurance here. Last August, I was unable to fly to Dublin to see my family because I was sick with Level 3 side effects from Immunotherapy. I was bed-ridden and completely incapacitated. No way could I send an email, etc.  So, I just missed my flights. I didn't cancel them or postpone them.

My insurance company (Insurance With) said afterwards: 'We can't refund your flights. We can only refund you the £25 you paid for your insurance contract." THE END.

This baffling situation is preventing me from going on holiday this August with my family. Can anyone give me any advice?

I intend to ring up the insurers and discuss it 'with a person', but I'd appreciate any fore-knowledge. This 100% doesn't make sense to me.

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    When I was no longer able to go on holiday because I'd been diagnosed with cancer and needed treatment I had to make a claim with my travel insurers. This was all done on the internet, although I did have to get my cancer nurse specialist to complete the medical section. This was then all downloaded along with proof of what I'd paid for my holiday. The cost was then reimbursed less the usual policy excess. The whole process did take about 8 weeks. Did you complete a claim form, etc with insurancewith.com and, if so, what reason did they give for not refunding you?

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  • Hi Latchbrook,

    Thanks so much for your prompt and useful reply. Those are good, specific things for me to follow up. I can get a handle on things that way. I was so, so, so baffled I couldn't even begin to start! I'll put in a claim and see what happens. I didn't put in a claim before - only talked to someone via email. They put me off and gave me no reason. I've also just emailed the holiday accomodation people to ask about their cancellation policy. That'll give me options too. Many thanks! Dx