Travel with Keppra?

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Hi, this is not strictly about travel insurance but might be relevant here? We want to take our 15 year old with a Glioblastoma to Spain (he is no longer on chemo, is well and has had stable scans since diagnosis - and really needs something to look forward to after his GCSEs this year). Obviously we will need to find insurance we can afford but assuming we can, has anyone travelled to Spain with Keppra ? I am trying to find out what the regulations are and am struggling even to find a relevant contact at the Spanish Embassy in the UK to send an email to! Any advice welcome. Many thanks

  • Hi rainyday

    I can fully understand that you would want to take your son away after his exams. I presume you have spoken to yours sons medical team and they have confirmed that it is ok to travel (travel insurers normally want you to confirm that you have the ok from the dr).

    I don't know if I've not fully understood your concern so apologies if I've missed your point as I don't know why you are trying to contact the Spanish Embassy.

    There is no problem with Keppra anywhere in the EU. Make sure you carry it in hand luggage and its in the original box with the prescription printed label on it. (I also carry a copy of the prescription re-order form), I've never been asked about any of my medication on arrival at my travel destination or on return to the UK, but its best to have copies of the prescriptions, just in case.

    Wishing you much luck and a happy holiday.


  • Hi there, I mentioned the embassy because all i could find was advice saying its probably fine but check with the embassy of the country you are travelling to. Thanks for your reply