Fit to travel abroad letter whilst still on immunotherapy

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Hello. I am receiving Dostarlimab for endometrial cancer. Has anyone had a letter from their Dr saying they are fit to travel abroad during immunotherapy? If I am well, and responding well I could be on this treatment for a long time, so just wondered if anyone was in the same situation? 

  • I have a totally different (incurable) cancer (Blood Cancer) and been on my journey for over 24 years.......

    I have been abroad a good number of times over these years and each time my consultant always marked my records with 'fit to travel abroad'......... but in reality Travel Insurance companies on the whole dont want this information....... but 'do want it' if you make a claim and if your records are not officially being marked as 'fit to travel abroad'..... this can give them wriggle room to not pay out on a claim.

    I have only been asked twice for a letter from my consultant by insurance companies and this was for trips to the USA and Central America. 

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  • Thanks Mike, that's very helpful.