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Hello everybody. Thank you all so much for your valuable and open posts. My wife was diagnosed with Renal Cancer some 10 years ago. Initial surgery was not totally effective and she was subsequently referred for an immunotherapy trial along with standard oral treatment. 8 years on the trial has long finished but she continues with the combination therapy which has worked for her to date. Pre-Covid we were covered by our bank account insurance package with a minimal additional premium. That package has since been discontinued thus we have been looking for replacement travel insurance. For me, the to best recommendations I have seen on the forum are (1) the observation that the risk assessment programme used by most of the insurers/brokers doesn't serve us well. (2) InsuranceWith utilises an alternative and far more detailed program to enable them to more accurately assess and price risks associated with pre-existing conditions. We tend to travel for shorter periods and short-haul or drive so as to ensure my wife is back in good time for her fortnightly treatment. Thus an annual multi-trip arrangement suits us best. For the most part I was unable to find cover at all from the major providers. In recent days I was quoted £2,800 and £920 from firms advertising as "Specialist".

I had never heard of InsuranceWith until I discovered this Forum. I secured a quote from them today for both of us for £376 which so far as I can see meets our needs.

Again, many thanks to all contributors.

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    I hope you and your wife have lots of lovely holidays.


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