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Hi everyone,

I’ve bought annual travel insurance (Europe only, no cruise, no winter sports) with Staysure for many years and have declared medical conditions every renewal date. I had a malignant melanoma removed six months ago, no further treatment required just 6 monthly scans. When I informed Staysure not only would they not cover me for the skin cancer they withdrew cover for previously declared conditions for the remainder of the policy making my insurance virtually useless..Any suggestions?


  • Surely they have to refund you pro-rata because they've effectively cancelled the policy?  You've paid for travel insurance up front including medical conditions so if they're removing the medical conditions from the cover the product is therefore useless.  You can't go on holiday and leave your medical conditions at home, can you?  

    Maybe someone will come along who has experienced this before.

  • It’s one of those lose -  lose situations. Initially Staysure said they might limit the number of “European” countries I could travel to (excluding countries like Egypt, Morocco etc then they withdrew that offer. The annoying thing was Staysure advertise themselves as a company that “covers medical conditions”