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I have secondary breast cancer on my pleura, diagnosed December 2015. My scans have been stable since. I was prescribed 1 letrozole a day. I have since been insured with my nationwide account, paying an additional &130 a year for pre-existing condition's excluding the cancer. When I called to renew earlier this year they told me if they can’t insure 1 condition they won’t insure any.  my quote online is coming up as £11300!!! I have searched for a company who will exclude my cancer but can’t find one. It is soul destroying spending hour upon hour going through the same forms with the same questions. firefly929 had posted that her cancer was excluded by global travel. I will try them and would be grateful for any other recommendations.  This seems ridiculous to me as my health is exactly the same as when I was diagnosed, I take a letrozole tablet a day and have a ct scan every 6 months. So I wouldn’t know between scans if it worsens so I am not at risk of it causing an emergency while on holiday. It’s bad enough living with cancer but now I feel I am being punished by being prohibited from seeing the world and having any enjoyment in life. I don’t generally let it get me down but I feel this is so unfair! Sorry to moan

  • My cancer is different to yours, but I have a type of womb cancer that has metastasised to my lungs. I have 6 monthly check ups, and yearly ct’s. The only treatment I am on is hormone treatment, I take anastrozole daily and zoledex injections 3 monthly. . I have managed to get a yearly cover of travel insurance to include my condition with a company called InsureandGo.  It cost me just under £200 for the year and it covers me and my partner with cruise cover as well. Worth a try. 


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  • Thank you so much for your reply. I will definitely try them. I am very grateful