Travelling 13.12 23 - Canada - colonoscopy 8.12.23

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I have travel insurance with my bank have done so for along time. I’ve informed them previously I have high blood pressure and diviticulitus , both of which are covered on the policy.

I am having a colonoscopy due to symptoms which my dr suspects could be cancer. I had booked to visit my daughter in Canada (for 3 weeks for Christmas) leaving 13.12.23 a couple of months ago prior to all of this.

I wonder if the insurance may be a stumbling block now as it’s likely I won’t be diagnosed l.I appreciate the hospital may have an idea by what they see during the colonoscopy but wonder what the insurance companies are like with undiagnosed if any biopsies are taken ..of course if the drs recommend not going at all I won’t go, I’m thinking of if they say healthwise I could go away for Christmas what could be The best scenarios around my travel insurance.  I realise I may have to pay more  I guess it Denis’s how much, or if they don’t insure for undiagnosed and then it’s up to myself if I risk it if the consultant says healthwise they think it’s ok.

im kind of trying to find out as much as I can as time will be limited once Friday arrives , with just a few days left to commence travel. If I’m going.

I briefly spoke with the insurers who said diviticulitus  is covered and I mentioned I have some tests coming up, it was a general enquiry with the insurers but they have offered to call me back on Saturday after the tests …any tips or experiences with this I’d really appreciate. It maybe that I can’t go.although if the consultants say as far as they are concerned I could travel and get any biopsy  results (if they take any)upon my return., I wondered if I’m going to hit big problems with insurance. I’ve had travel insurance with this company for along time.

sorry for the waffle ..

  • Hi  and a very warm welcome to the travel insurance group which I hope you'll find is an informative place to be.

    The most important thing to do at this stage is to be completely open and honest with your existing travel insurance company as failure to disclose your tests, etc could invalidate your insurance. In other words if you had to make a claim the insurer may not pay out as they might say that they were not aware of the full facts.

    If they do decide that they can no longer offer you travel insurance then do have a look through the 'recommended travel insurance' thread as that's where you'll find insurance companies that others have been successful in getting travel insurance with. Clicking on the link I've created will take you straight there. As there are lots of suggestions, it's probably best to make a list before starting to phone around.

    I do hope that you're still able to go on your holiday and that you have a great time.

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  • Thank you for your reply , makes sense to be honest with them

    not worth taking risks 

    thanks again I appreciate it.