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Had a net (typical carcinoid) removed in May, no lymph node involvement, just had gallium scan and all clear.

travel insurance is asking if tumour cancerous or non cancerous? I put non as not spread but my daughter thinks that’s wrong. 

i have no further treatment planned, apart from another scan in 6 months and then will go to 12 monthly intervals.

I’ll try and phone hospital monday but has anyone else had this question?

thank you 

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    Based on my experience with travel insurance, I think that your daughter is probably right. I've had two cancer diagnoses, one for melanoma and one for breast cancer. Neither of these have spread but that doesn't mean that the tumours were non cancerous. 

    It's very important that you answer the travel insurance questions correctly because, if you don't, you'll probably find that the insurance is invalid if you come to make a claim. Please do speak to your cancer nurse specialist to clarify whether you had cancer or not before proceeding with buying travel insurance.

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