Meningioma and travel insurance

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Scans and MRIs since my husband's lung lobectomy in January, showed he was cancer free.  Unfortunately it also showed a meningioma (benign overgrowth of meninges above the brain).  It's unrelated  to the lung cancer, he’s symptom-free and further tests show that it hasn’t grown.  His consultant is unconcerned and confident that no action is required as it’s unlikely to cause any problems in the near future, if at all.  My husband explained all this to the insurance agent only to be informed that nevertheless, for insurance purposes, this is classed as a brain tumour and was quoted £460, double the previous insurance in May (admittedly the increase also covers a half day in Spain during our cruise).   After an hour of interrogation regarding his life health history, he couldn’t face shopping around and wearily took out the insurance, especially as their previous one was by far the lowest he was quoted regarding the lung cancer.. 

 We’re seriously thinking that, provided our current  health situations don't radically change in the meantime, we’ll  just chance taking out a basic insurance in future and using our GHICs if necessary!    

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    I'm sorry to read how difficult and expensive your husband has recently found getting travel insurance was.

    Unfortunately, as he's found, it can be more difficult to find reasonably priced travel insurance when you've had a cancer diagnosis. I don't know if before he phoned the insurer who he took out insurance with he'd had chance to look through the 'recommended travel insurance' thread in this group. If not, then next time it would be worth looking through as you'll find plenty of recommendations from people who have found reasonably priced travel insurance.

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say in future you might take out "a basic insurance" as all travel insurance requires you to declare existing medical conditions. Also whilst a GHIC card gives you the same rights to treatment at the same price as a resident of the European country you're visiting, it isn't travel insurance and will never pay for things like repatriation if your husband was to fall ill and need to return home while you're away.

    I hope you both have a great holiday


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  • Hi Latchbrook, Thank you for your reply.  He did indeed contact several companies back in May, including some mentioned in the forum, and was shocked to receive either a refusal to insure him or quotes in excess of £1000.  As scans had shown the lung clear with no chemo etc necessary, he’d considered it over and dealt with.  Eventually a company on your forum quoted only £235 so he decided to contact the same company this time before shopping around. 

    As regards the meningioma, we were taken aback by the reaction of the insurance agent as the consultant never once mentioned ‘tumour’ or ‘cancer’.  Having looked at the various test results he was so unconcerned about the possibility of its causing future problems in view of its being benign and slow growing that we were feeling quite nonchalant about it.   It could well be in the circumstances that the current quote is again the best (especially as insurance premiums have generally increased) but at the time he was rather stunned and couldn’t face the process of contacting other insurers.  However he will do next time. x