Kidney and Bone cancer

Hi all I am new to the group and have read quite a lot of the feeds regarding travel insurance.

My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 Kidney Cancer in Sep last year which had already spread to his bones. We would love to get away abroad on (hopefully a couple of trips) before things change. I have contacted a few insurers recommended on here but unfortunately none of them can provide cover. Is there anyone that has the same type of cancer on here been able to get insurance? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated x

  • Hi  and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    Unfortunately, as you've found, it can be more difficult to obtain travel insurance when you've had a cancer diagnosis but I can understand your longing to get away for a few trips abroad.

    I'm not sure if one of the 'feeds' you mentioned looking through is the 'recommended travel insurance' thread. If you've not looked through it yet I'd recommend that you do as there are lots of insurers that others have successfully obtained insurance through. You might also want to look at this thread as it includes a link to a Travel Insurance Directory. 

    I typed 'secondary bone' into the search bar on this group and found these posts for you to have a look through. Also typing in 'kidney' brought up these posts. The second one down on the second link looks promising for you as the poster said they "have kidney cancer with wide spread secondaries".

    Do come back and let me know how you get on.


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